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Modiphius: Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Modiphius zeigen Neuigkeiten zu Fallout Wasteland Warfare und neue Vorbestellungen.

Modi Fallout 6

Fallout Friday March 22

It is such an exciting time to be a Fallout fan as not only have we shown you what is to come in the first half of Wave 10 miniatures releases but we are also only a few weeks away from the new Fallout Tv show on Prime! Oh and of course there’s the new game called Fallout: Factions- Nuka-World the Starter Set that is on preorder now, who knew 2024 would be the year of Fallout greatness?! I thought we might have to wait until at least 2077. Anywho, let’s activate those VATS to target a closer look at everything we’ve had this month for Fallout.
Wave 10 Part 1 Reveal Stream

The Wilds of Appalachia for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and Fallout: Factions is coming soon to a table near you, and hopefully yours! Several members of our Fallout team sat down to reveal what we have been working on for this big Wave 10 launch which includes new Zetans and Cult of the Mothman! Watch the stream to see what all we have coming and let us know in the comments what your favorites are!

New Miniatures!

You won’t have to wait for the launch of Wave 10 to get your hands on new Fallout minis as we just released 2 more sets from our Nuka World wave as well as the Fallout The Series Miniatures Set with miniatures of characters from the upcoming Fallout Tv show on Prime!

The Gatorclaw will sure to make any one who dares to cross its path tremble in fear. A few brave souls might end up with a new pair of gatorclaw boots, but you will have to defeat the chameleon-gator hybrid beast first!

Modi Fallout 1

Eyebots are the hard to hit bots that gift those who come into contact with them an earful of noise and an eyeful of lasers! Add this unique 4 pack of floating advertisements to your table when you preorder them now!

Modi Fallout 2

The Fallout The Series Miniatures Set let’s you bring Lucy, The Ghoul, Maximus, and CX404 to both your Fallout: Factions and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare tables with an Instruction Booklet that contains rules for both! These highly detailed 32mm miniatures all come with lovely sculpted scenic bases.

Modi Fallout 3

AMA with Ben and James

I had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with Fallout: Factions Project manager Ben Maunder and Game Developer James Hewitt to answer all of your questions about our new PVP Miniatures game. You can watch the VOD now on our Twitch channel and check out all of the amazing blogs James has put together for us to help us learn more about this exciting new miniatures game! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2090557656

Modi Fallout 4

Painting Hangout with Callum and Steve

Want to learn tips on painting a Vault Suit and other cloth like textures? Join the guys on April 4th at 5pm BST / 8am PDT on our Twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/modiphius where they will be slapping some paint on Lucy from our Fallout The Series Miniatures Set!

Painting Hangout Promo 480x480

Party in Nottingham at tSN Arena

We hosted a fun Fallout: Factions event this past weekend at tSN Arena in Nottingham where we painted minis and played the brand new pvp tabletop game with game developer James Hewitt and Product Manager Ben Maunder. Those in attendance were delighted with custom tabletop battle map terrain scenes painted and staged by our in house Terrain Artist Julian Jeratsch. Our professional studio painter, Callum France, was also present to give all of us some much needed miniature painting tips so our Raider Gangs look battle ready to take over Nuka-World! Special thanks to members of our Dev team, Sophie W., Dom, and Justin for helping teach all of the attendees how to play and our PR Manager Sophie May and Brand Manager Samantha for setting the event up. And big thanks to tSN Arena for the event space and Doughnotts_Official for the delicious treats!

Modi Fallout 5

I can’t wait to gab with you all next month so why don’t you join our Discord so we can chat miniatures, the Tv show, and what you’ve got going on with your games and more until then? https://discord.gg/modiphius


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Modi Fallout Modi Fallout2

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