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Medbury Miniatures: Mai Patreon

Diesen Monat gibt es auf der historischen Seite bei Medbury Miniatures den letzten Release für die Karolinger und im Fantasy Bereich bleiben sie im Süden.

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May Historical Release!

Hey guys this is the first of 2 posts today covering the may digital releases, these files will already be in your library if your a tribes or patron user,

This month is the last of the carolingian releases for now, we have 6 skirmishers on foot and 6 mounted, they are designed to be equipped with javelins in both hands and optional shields,

The skirmishers will blend nicely with the existing dark age skirmishers for a set of 12 unique sculpts, i made sure not to reuse any of the poses from those prior sets

These 12 figures brings the total carolingian range up to 60 sculpts now, covering all the bases so from June onwards were shifting focus to medievals, specifically 1300-1350 and way 100yw starting with French and English,

The physical kits for these sculpts will be up in a week or so, we have the full vendel range hitting the store inside the next month now all the KS parcels are done, so there will be a small delay because there’s a Good 80 figures in that which need listings photography and stock,

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May Fantasy Release!

And the 2nd post for today is the fantasy digital releases preview! This is the 2nd month of southrons alongside 1 other kit to an existing faction

So starting with the southrons, we have a chieftain/captains type foot and mounted, he is equipped bow and spear, the foot model could easily lead a regiment of conscripts with the models from last month, but there is also the mounted model as well, the mounted model is a single piece model, the rider is not separate in this case, I don’t do this often but with this figure I felt it appropriate,

The next 3 kits are sets of assassins, 4 with melee gear 2 with bows, these are all single piece figures, they are in a variety if poses ether watching waiting around a corner, running, or preparing to strike, and then the last one is a indiana Jones easter egg,

The next kit is an additional set of southron archers, one of the bits of feedback from the last 4 were they were to armoured for some people’s taste, so I’ve done these 4 with no helmets and armour, this will also help to have less duplicates in your army

The last kit for the month for a different faction is long awaited arnaudin cavalry, the 3 knights in this kit are a slight upgrade on the existing warriors i’ve done and as such required a single warrior as a dismount to match, these guys all have updated modular heads, with and without visors and head wrappings,

The physical releases for these kits are on the go however we have the 80 sculpts from the KS who are all getting added to the store very soon who are getting in the way, hopefully the may models will be up inside of a week, the KS stuff will likely be start of june or July,

Next months release will continue with southron cavalry, then another fantasy kit for an existing faction, I havent picked one yet so if you have any suggestions let me know!

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