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Medbury Miniatures: März Patreon

Diesen Monat gibt es bei Medbury Miniatures unter anderem Geister und Normannen.

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March Historical Release!

The Files for the March releases are Ready to download! so it’s past time for the previews, Starting with the Historicals, these are the 12 Norman Knights, this is a quick  break from the Carolingians we have been doing recently due to popular request

The first 2 kits are both 4 Knights with spears, 1 kit with more rest poses and the 2nd with attacking poses, the figures are supplied with open hands for printed spears or Wire spears, the Shields are detached and intended to be slung on the arm against the shield strap,

the 3rd kit is the last 4 knights who have swords, and have some attacking some travelling poses. There are 8 horses included in each kit aswell

The April release will be back to Carolingians as will may

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March Fantasy release!

And finally the last preview for March, the fantasy models, this is the 2nd half of the ghostly Gauls for now, along with 2 orc models, all of these kits are available to download to tribes/patrons

The first kit is the King and the commanders, there are 2 Banner bearers and 1 banner alongside the King, the King is modelled after the statue of king Vercingetorix found in france

The Musician and banners are intended to go alongside the warriors from the first release.

The 2nd kit for this month is the Riders, this kit has 3 New horses, with similar armour to the troops, but very gaunt, the 3 riders match the troops from january, but are supplied with round shields not hexagonal, you can do your dismounts with the same round shields to tell them apart if you choose,

The last 2 kits for this month are the Gual archers, and then 2 Orcs done in the style of the legionnaire orcs from last year, these 2 are a drummer and standard bearer, the Standard is supplied as a single piece, or without a shaft for a more durable wire shaft.


Seit 2010 im Hobby. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Harad, Khand und Ostlinge), Saga Ära der Magie (Die Untoten Legionen), WarmaHordes (Crucible Guard, Söldner und Circle), Summoners (Erde), Konflikt 47 (Briten)

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