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Knuckleduster: Neuheiten

Knuckleduster haben kurz vor Jahresende einige Neuheiten uaf Facebook gezeigt.

Knuckleduster Dec2024 New01 Knuckleduster Dec2024 New02 Knuckleduster Dec2024 New03 Knuckleduster Dec2024 New04 Knuckleduster Dec2024 New05 Knuckleduster Dec2024 New06

A surprise release for the last week before Christmas! We’re starting to offer individual mounted figures. This takes a fair amount of preparation, so we can’t do them all at once. It only makes sense to start with the Starter Faction.
You can now buy the following characters as single mounted figures:
California Kate Sidesaddle
Honest John the Sheriff
Bucktooth Billy
Bob the Bartender
Mysterious Dave
Rowdy Jack
It’s still much cheaper to buy them as a pack of six, but you may only want one or two from a particular pack, and that’s understandable.
To find them just browse the Mounted Figures section or use the search bar to enter „Mounted Starter Faction“ and they’ll come up.

Quelle: Knuckleduster Miniatures auf Facebook

Link: Knuckleduster Miniatures


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