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Knuckleduster: Januar Neuheiten

Knuckleduster haben einige Neuheiten im Shop.


The Caballeros – 15,00$

Three gringos blundering their way to fame and glory south of the border!

Supplied unpainted. MDF slotta bases included. Lead-Free Pewter.

GENSTORECART Barrels Blankettable Chair Crackerbarrel Shelvinglinens Shelvingmerch StoveGeneralstorecounter

General Store Interior – 39,50$

A huge set of accessories for the interior of a general store. Includes two full product cases, one with linens and another with groceries. It also includes a store counter with scale, coffee grinder, candy jars, butcher paper dispenser, and cash register built-in (no assembly required). There are two chairs and a barrel with a checker game on it, plus a stove to sit next to while having a game on a lazy desert afternoon. A table covered with blankets and folded fabrics, a cracker barrel, and a barrel of produce round out the set.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled. Cast resin and 3-D printed resin parts. Some cleanup required.

Quelle: Knuckleduster Miniatures


Brückenkopf-Online Redakteur und Tabletop Insider stv. Chefredakteur. Spielt Infinity, SAGA, Freebooter's Fate, Kings of War, Warhammer 40k, Warzone Resurrection, Dropzone Commander, Deadzone, Dreadball, X-Wing, Konflikt '47, Bolt Action, Dead Man's Hand, Dracula's America, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Dropfleet Commander, Frostgrave, Collision, Bushido, Shadespire, Aristeia! und Warpath.

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