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Horus Heresy: Hibou Khan

Bei der AdeptiCon 2024 Vorschau war der Große Bruderkrieg nur eine Randnotiz, aber mit Hibou Khan kommt ein Legionär der White Scars mit sehr wechselhafter Loyalität.

Heresy Thursday – Seek Atonement With the Loyalist-Turned-Traitor-Turned-Loyalist Hibou Khan

When the Horus Heresy set the galaxy ablaze, not all of the Loyalist Legions chose the same side as their Primarchs. Among the White Scars, who once teetered on the brink of turning against the Emperor, a contingent of Khans renounced their oaths to Jaghatai Khan and raised their banners for the Warmaster.

Among them was Hibou Khan, a Terran-born commander who had long rankled against the rising Chogorian influence after the Vth Legion were reunited with their Primarch.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Seek Atonement With The Loyalist Turned Traitor Turned Loyalist Hibou Khan 1

Though most of the conspirators were killed, Hibou submitted himself to the Great Khan’s judgement and showed genuine contrition for his betrayal. In return, he was not executed immediately, and instead was condemned to live out his days as one of the Sagyar Mazan – honourless oathbreakers who sought atonement through suicidal raids on enemy strongpoints.

Eventually, his service led him to the Garmon Cluster and the Shattered Legions commanded by Shadrak Meduson. He would go on to deal a horrific wound to Horus Aximand at the Battle of Dwell, nearly severing the Traitor commander’s face, and reap a heavy tally against the Sons of Horus.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Seek Atonement With The Loyalist Turned Traitor Turned Loyalist Hibou Khan 2

This highly detailed resin miniature of Hibou Khan finds him equipped with an ornamented suit of Mk II Crusade-pattern power armour, singling him out as a particularly long-serving member of the Legiones Astartes. He’s depicted swinging a mighty two-handed power sword known as the Breath of the Storm, and also comes with both helmeted and helmetless head options so he can terrify Traitors with his distinctive skeletal war paint.

When taken as the Warlord for your army, Hibou Khan grants himself and his unit the Rampage (2) special rule to reflect their furious pursuit of atonement in combat. Unlike other commanders, however, his army doesn’t lose its additional Reaction when he dies – instead, it switches to the Assault phase, as his loyal troops celebrate their leader’s honourable redemption and surge ever faster into the fight.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Seek Atonement With The Loyalist Turned Traitor Turned Loyalist Hibou Khan 3

Hibou Khan will be coming to a battlefield near you soon, and his rules can be found in The Battle for Beta-Garmon. If you want to read more about his ill-fated plot to side with Warmaster Horus, check out the Black Library novel Scars by Chris Wraight.

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