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Forest Dragon: Februar Patreon

Bei Forest Dragon schließt diesen Monat seine Chaoszwerge ab.

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February 2024 Releases

At last we have reached the final release for the Dwarf Demonsmith army! February brings a regiment of enslaved orcs, a mighty sorcerer mounted on a lamassu, and a demonsmith lord riding into battle atop a throne.

The orcs are a somewhat reluctant addition to the demonsmith army, but at least they get to do some fighting, so it’s not all bad from their point of view. The orcs are unarmored and carry a variety of slightly shonky weapons – as usual there is a choice of command stands and the banner can be printed blank if you prefer. Fully supported individuals are included in addition to the strips.

Taking full advantage of the freshly captured labor, the demonsmith lord rides into battle atop a throne hoisted on the backs of orc slaves. There is of course a helmet option for those of you that have an aversion to big hats, and the shield can be printed blank if you prefer.

Mounted atop his lamassu, the demonsmith sorcerer has an ideal vantage point for casting devastating magics upon his foes. The sorcerer has a choice of head options, and you can also print the lamassu with no rider. All options can be printed as a single piece or with separate wings to make painting easier.

For glade nobles ($10 tier and up), February brings orcs that are more suitable for use in a greenskin army. The regiment is slightly better equipped than their enslaved cousins, and some orcs have shields that can be printed blank or with sculpted detail. The banners on the command stands also have the option of being printed blank. Fully supported individuals are included as normal.

The orcs are led into battle by an intimidating hero wielding a sword and an axe. He is larger than the average run of the mill orc and wears heavy armor, as befits his status.

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