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Durgin Paint Forge: Juni Patreon

Diesen Monat gibt es von Durgin Paint Forge Zwergen Grenzläufer und ein Upgradekit für die Krieger.

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Today a new regiment joins the Ranks&Files range: the Dwarf Rangers!
This kit is extremely versatile and compatible with the Clan Warriors (you can get a nice Quarrellers unit, mixing them!), full of options and comfy bags (DPF™) 😁
If you join Patreon this month you will get also an exclusive alternative version of the unit Champion, which is great if you want to deploy multiple units or just if you like to brag with your friends.
Support this project and help me to gather the funds to create a whole army of Dwarfs!🥳🥳

DPF Juni Patreon 7

(Preview) Clan Warriors upgrade kit

Good morning mighty Patrons!

The upgrade kit designed for the Clan Warriors regiment is ready, at the moment I’m waiting for the files to be supported by Atlas3dss, then I’ll share it with you as soon as it is ready 🙂

This is a little extra gift to celebrate the first 3 months of this journey and to give you an idea of my plans for the kits of this range: I want to take advantage as much as possible of the digital distribution of this range, adding new features to the existing kits. This will allow you not only to have extra fun in assembling but also to deploy an army with a unique look that perfectly matches your taste!

For example, with the original kit, the compatible heads from the Rangers kit and this upgrade kit, you will now have 19 unique heads to choose from, you can assemble a 20 Warriors unit without using the same head twice 🙂

I decided also to add more alternative bits, for example a new arm holding a proper helmet, an arm holding a mug of beer and even a dwarf who’s happily drinking his Ale!

A new icon is useful if you want to deploy more regiments, and the new shield design adds proper icons to give a more „warhammerish“ vibe.

The head without the helmet is assembled to the body so I can sculpt proper hair and braids to the dwarf 😀

Despite being designed for the Clan Warriors regiment, the vast majority of this kit can be used on Rangers (head, arms, icon and shields), Clan Elders (shields, arms, icon) and also the future kits that will be released in the next months.

I hope you like this new addition to the range, I thank you again for your support and enthusiasm 🙂 In the next days expect to have a look at the next month’s release which will be pretty epic: the Anvil of Doom!

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Quelle: Durgin Paint Forge bei Patreon


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