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Cyber Forge: April Patreon

Diesen Monat gibt es von Cyber Forge unter anderem das zweite Szenario für ihr Einzelspieler Tabletop Gridrunner.

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The second part of the epic adventure in Gridrunner has arrived alongside with Moon Wolves. Get ready!


A tabletop solo adventure game, with scenarios available through a web app. Run the grid, defeat enemies, complete objectives, and rack up the points for that sweet hi-score.

Run the Grid: In this tabletop solo adventure, you step into a monthly scenario where every move counts. The GRID pulses with hidden challenges, enemies, and secrets. Your mission? To unravel its mysteries and emerge victorious.

Complete Objectives: The GRID rewards those who think strategically and act swiftly.

Rack Up Points: Every choice matters. Collect data fragments, hack terminals, and outwit the system. Your hi-score isn’t just a number—it’s a legacy etched into the digital fabric.

You can download rules and accessories for FREE:

— Access GRIDRUNNER Now —

In Grim Realms, the cavalry has arrived, and it is fierce! Enjoy the next Moon Wolves installment!

The terrain part will contain a set for Grid Runner and also some Corpo items you can use in your own setting alongside civilian Corpo Scientists!

Also, we put out some new additions to Grid Wars!

Stay Cyber!


Quelle: Cyber Forge bei Patreon


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