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Cobramode Miniatures: Mai Patreon

Im Mai haben Cobramode Miniatures wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.


Here’s this month’s Lore:

Libang Zhao – Xueren Immortal

The younger twin sister of Libang Xian, Libang Zhao founded the Nan Tian Zong (Heavenly Gate Sect), which adheres to the principles of building Qi through cultivation and passing it to successors at the end of life. Though nearly the same age as her sister, she has not artificially preserved her appearance over the centuries, and thus appears more mature. Her prodigious Qi is manifested in the shapes of fish, a gentle and serene form that suits her tranquil philosophy well. Immensely powerful in her own right, she is one of the few creatures who has not been defeated by her sister and added to the Scroll, an event that could push Libang Xian’s power into the realm of the gods. Despite this, she knows she cannot openly fight her sister on even terms. Hiding deep in the mountains to escape the spies and scouts searching for her, she knows that it’s only a matter of time before a confrontation.

Weifeng – Xueren Acolyte

Fierce and competitive, Weifeng has always considered Jinhua to be his rival but has never been acknowledged in kind. His opposite in every way, Weifeng is loud where Jinhua is quiet, wild instead of calm and controlled. Even his technique focus is opposing; Weifeng concentrates on boxing punches while Jinhua primarily uses kicks. Whether out of grudging admiration or a sense of inferiority, Weifeng is driven by the idea of beating Jinhua someday, and has made that his sole focus in training to the dismay of the temple sifu.

Chongyang (重阳): „Chongyang“ literally translates to „Double Yang“ or „Heavy Yang.“ In Chinese culture, „Yang“ represents the positive, masculine, and active force, while „Yin“ represents the negative, feminine, and passive force. The „Double Yang“ or „Heavy Yang“ connotation suggests a person who embodies strong, vigorous energy and vitality.

Chongyang– Xueren Adept

You won’t find a more surly and ill-tempered Xueren in the Nan Tian Zong (Heavenly Gate Sect), than Chongyang. All Xueren must take on students to continue the line of their martial skills, and in order to have trusted Xueren to pass their Qi to. Chongyang, however, is not really the teaching type. His flippant attitude towards teaching alongside his lack of manners make him the most hated master in his village. As such, the village elders often assign the most problematic students to him, perhaps as a punishment for them both. Despite his lack of teaching skill, his martial prowess is unparalleled. His Black Tortoise Mace is a single, solid piece of iron – no one besides him has ever been able to lift it, let alone wield it the way he does. He has cultivated such an enormous amount of Qi that it may not be passed to a single successor without the danger of killing them. For these reasons he is still a respected member of his village, albeit grudgingly.

Qingling Shenzhong – Pure Spirit Bell God

This god has been observed wandering the Qian Sheng Shan for several thousand years. Some historians and theologians believe that the god inspired the creation of bells, while others believe that the bell god was created by a strong belief in the sacred power of bells. Either way, it is a powerful and unique magical being, and its mournful tolling can sometimes be heard in the misty mountaintops where it wanders. The Yu Huo Zong (Fiery Hell Sect), has long hunted it in an attempt to harvest its magic, but unsuccessfully. It has the ability to hypnotize or stun creatures around it using soundwaves, which penetrate the mind even when the ears are covered. Though not considered amongst the most powerful of known gods, its particular abilities make it nigh impossible to defeat.

Xuehou – Snow Goblins

Distantly related to Xueren, these mischievous little goblins are found roving the Qian Sheng Shan in bands of roughly 10-30 individuals. Though small in stature, they are quite strong for their size, and will work in groups to hunt and kill animals for food and defense. Their omnivorous diet leans slightly more on meat, although Snow Fruit is also highly prized and sought after. Bandmates will often fight over the rare and delicious fruits, and Xuehou are sure to steal any they come across, following their distinctly sweet and crisp scent. There are legends that the Xuehou are wise and can act as guides or friends to travelers, but real world encounters mainly consist of attacks and theft of consumables.

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Brückenkopf-Redakteur und Miniature-Painting-Streamer. Wiedereinstieg ins Hobby 2015 nach sehr langer Pause. Spielt Warhammer 40k, SAGA, Star Wars Legion, Summoners uvm.

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