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Cobramode: Januar Patreon

Im Januar haben Cobramode wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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Happy New Year!! I can’t believe it’s already 2024. The last few years have been such a whirlwind, and so much has happened since we first started CobraMode in 2020. When we first launched this patreon right at the start of the pandemic, we hoped, but didn’t dare dream that it would come this far. This is our 47th collection, which just feels incredible (and unreal). A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, whether you’re brand new, or an Original Cobra! Your patronage means that we can keep building our wacky CobraMode universe, one month at a time. We’re eternally grateful to be able to do what we do, and hope to continue surprising and delighting everyone with these sculpts in the new year.

The January Collection travels back to the Boondaburra Continent, where we’re taking a closer look at the Imperial Navy. We’ve seen the pirates of the Boondaburra, but who do they fear?! The Boondaburra are avid sailors with quite a powerful and extensive Navy, including some colorful crewmembers. Captain Mushen was once an instructor to the dread pirate Siduri, who captured an Imperial Navy Ship and has been terrorizing the seas ever since. The salty old dog still regrets teaching his pupil as well as he did. His old friend and Navigator, Tilmun, is a grumpy Nurasa penguinfolk who could have shot to great heights if it weren’t for his utter lack of soft skills. Faithful Namerin, his personal valet, is better suited to working in a manor house or estate, but chose to follow his master out to sea where he uses his skills to bring the finer things in life to the Captain. A consummate gentleman, he still holds his own in a fight against pirates! What he can’t handle, Hazi the Monkey Guard can. The wisdom of giving a monkey a gun is questionable, but has so far proven to be a good bet… mostly. Lastly, we have the all-female Boondaburra Dive Corps, an elite group of suited divers sent on only the deadliest of missions beneath the waves.

Our fabulous bases and terrain were sculpted by Kittifizz and Calrais as usual, with concept art by Paul Ferret!

If you’re interested in the full lore, check out the CobraCompendium: https://bit.ly/3om6snO

Here’s the lore for this month:

The Nurasa are penguinfolk who come from South of Boondaburra. Their land is quite remote, and few have ventured there. Despite this, Nurasa are well known by the Boondaburra; the penguinfolk have a robust seafaring culture, and many of their sailors travel to Boondaburra either for work, trade, or exploration. It is said that there are more Nurasa in Boondaburra than in their own homeland, though that has never been confirmed officially. The Boondaburra do not have an appetite for travelling to their lands, since it is said to be a land of only ice, snow, and seawater. To be sure, the many Nurasa who emigrate are not eager to return, especially in winter.

Tilmun – Nurasa Navigator
Exceedingly grumpy and exceptionally skilled, Tilmun is Captain Mushen’s long-time navigator and friend. They entered the Navy together as youngsters, and stuck together through schooling until now. Tilmun graduated at the top of his class and has an almost supernatural sense of direction, which he attributes to his Nurasa heritage. He famously led The Ptarmigan to safety during one of the most violent storms of the century, losing not a single crewmember. Despite this, he was passed over for several prestigious positions due to his taciturn personality, which often passes into rude and insubordinate. He and Mushen have an understanding born of their long relationship, but even they have their disagreements from time to time.

Mushen – Boondaburra Captain
An experienced captain in the Boondaburran Navy, Mushen is a salty old dog with a self-righteous streak. He has had many clashes with the infamous pirate captain Siduri, who deserted the Navy in favor of fame and riches, both before and after she turned her coat. As one of her former instructors, he never approved of her attitude and now regrets teaching her anything of seamanship. But he was a good teacher nonetheless, and even he acknowledges Siduri’s skill. Despite being a consummate gentleman, he prefers his blunderbuss to the sword of a noble. He’s getting on in years, and not afraid to admit that he isn’t as quick in close combat as he used to be.

“A good cup of tea is essential for all noble pursuits.”
Namerin – Boondaburra Valet
Dedicated to a fault and demanding only perfection from himself, Namerin is the loyal manservant to Captain Mushen. A lifelong companion of Mushen, he belongs to a vassal family of the esteemed Captain, and was raised from childhood to fulfill his duty as his right hand. Despite being only a few years younger, his strict lifestyle and strength of purpose has kept him youthful and vigorous. A consummate professional, Namerin has never once spilled a drop of tea in spite of wind, storm, pirate attacks, or any of the other dangers presented at sea or on land. Though he normally abhors violence, he has learned the sword in order to protect his lord, and become extremely adept at dueling. The crew can find him annoyingly fussy and proper, but they always trust him in a fight.

Hazi – Monkey Guard
Many of the Boondaburran ships’ crews are supplemented by intelligent monkeys. One example is the Monkey-Operated Mortar, usually staffed by two or more monkeys who divide their tasks between loading, aiming, and firing mortars and cannons at enemy ships. They can understand most commands and basic speech, but lack the ability to mimic it themselves. Hazi has been with Captain Mushen for his entire naval career, and has earned himself a spot as a personal guard to the Captain. Alert and quick, he is quite deadly with the blunder-cannon, and doesn’t always stop to assess the situation before acting.

Boondaburra Dive Corps
The Dive Corps of the Boondaburra are an underwater attack force, deployed by the Navy to disable enemy ships, sea monsters, and other water-based threats. The un-tethered divers are self-propelled and have a variety of equipment and weapons at their disposal. Some use large drills to destroy hulls and rudders from underwater, while others use harpoon guns to tether or capture vessels or monsters. The serrated swords are generally reserved for fighting off sharks, dire clams, and other live combatants, as their usefulness against wooden ships is very limited.

The Dive Corps generally work underwater, but can also be used as heavily armored troops topside. The metal diving suits are impervious to most weapons including guns and swords due to being constructed to withstand the immense pressure of being submerged. It’s not a popular tactic, however, as the suits are quite heavy, ungainly, and have very limited visibility. Being knocked off their feet is quite common, and it often requires 3 or more Boondaburra to lift them upright. The Dive Corps is almost wholly made up of women, as male Boondaburra are usually too large to fit inside the difficult-to-manufacture suits.

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