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Black Site Studios: YAFSIGA Erweiterung

Black Site Studios werden zur Adepticon die erste Erweiterung zu ihrem Spiel YAFSIGA veröffentlichen.

BlackSiteStudiosYafsigaAddon2 BlackSiteStudiosYafsigaAddon1 BlackSiteStudiosYafsigaAddon3

Adepticon is our biggest convention of the year by far. This year, we are really excited to be launching the first expansion for YAFSIGA! Shores of the Bloomsreach. These will be available at our booth during the con.
Written by Yafsiga creator Corey Sullivan. Shores expands on the rich lore and background of Yafsiga, as well as adding a fully fleshed out map based campaign for the game.
This product will also go live online for order at the same time. The books are already printed, so these will ship out pretty quick!
Quelle: Black Site Studios auf Facebook

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