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Black Site Studios: Neuheiten

Black Site Studios haben einiges neues im Shop.

Zum einen gibt es Clips für die Spielkarten für 9,95$

BlackSiteStudiosCardClips2 BlackSiteStudiosCardClips BlackSiteStudiosCardClips4 BlackSiteStudiosCardClips3

Als Farben kann man Schwarz, Grau, Gold oder Rot erhalten.

We love them, you love them. Help track your important stats with these handy little clips.

This product contains 
– 20x Tracking Clips
– These clips will come on a small sprue and can be easily clipped off and used in a ton of different game systems.

These items have been 3d printed in house in a variety of different colorways.

Für Momma Lunas Pizza von Don‘t Look Back gibt es ein Update für 11,95$



This is a DLB COMPONENTS UPDATE for Don’t Look Back. In order to upgrade the older VHS expansions into the new design style, when copies of the original items run out, we’ll re-print them with the new card design style. These are NOT required to use your original expansion with the new book. We worked to make sure items are compatible.

Some folks want the new cards and art cover, so we’ll be offering these here for a limited time.  

This product comes with 
– Updated Rules Cards covering all the original cards from the original pack
– 1 Updated VHS Cover

Zu guter letzt wurde auf Facebook eine weitere Figur vorgestellt, die zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung des Artikels noch nicht im Shop war:


Today’s new releases are now live on the site. 💥Link in the comments.
We’ll be closed today and tomorrow but back in the office on the 15th

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