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Anvil Digital Forge: NASA-Punk Astronauts

Im Februar gibt es bei Anvil Digital Forge Astronauten.

ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 1 ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 2 ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 3 ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 4 ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 5 ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 6 ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 7

Everything you Get in February’s NASA-Punk Astronauts

Hello Patrons!

February is just days away, and that means it’s time to see everything you’ll be getting in the much called-for NASA-Punk Astronaut release!

NASA-Punk Astronauts

In the images below, you can see that we’ve highlighted certain elements in bright orange, blue, and green (and you’ll see similar images in many of our previous releases too!)

These colours mean that each highlighted element is actually a separate „shell“ – a complete 3D object that it is possible to move, scale, interchange, or even remove entirely! Want to know how? We’ve got a few excellent text and video resources for you to check out;

Our Multi-Shell Beginner’s Guide post

Sonic Sledgehammer’s Video Tutorial using MeshMixer

And finally, an in-depth Blender Tutorial that covers advanced movement and manipulation of individual shells, as well as a whole lot more if you’re interested!

Here are next month’s individual components, and Multi-shell elements:

ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 8

For next month’s heads, we’ve created 3 distinct helmet designs, each working well for different a different feel for your force, from the more grounded modern day spheroidal dome, to more angular sci-fi feeling armoured helmets – all of which come with Multi-Shelled optional head lamps and cameras! Alongside the helmets, you’ll also have 8 unhelmeted heads with the classic padded flight cowl.

ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 9 ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 10

The torsos come in three Multi-Shell variants with air hoses and differing oxygen supply units, each, a distinct style. There’s a separate fourth torso supplied with all the extras removed too, for modelling your astronauts that aren’t currently in need of full life-support.

ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 11

The legs for your astronauts come with full harnesses and thermal coverings, as well as optional knee pads and sealant bolts for their boots. If you remove these Multi-Shell extras, you end up with very convincing flight suits for more atmospherically stable missions

ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 12

For our weaponry and arms, you’ve got two unique weapons available – the Gyrojet Rifle, and the H&K G11 – both prototype attempts at caseless ammunition weapons! You’ve got the combination of both an ‚integrated‘ weapon in the case of the G11, which comes preattached to the arms (though it is a multi-shell), and our standard Regiments pistol-grip joint rifle arms for the gyrojet. You’ll also have a heavy mining laser as your specialist weapon for both Regiments male and female joints, and a set of open-wrist joint arms for attaching your choice of hand held melee, pistol, or other accessories!

ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 13

Speaking of hand held weapons and accessories, there’s a gyrojet pistol, scanner, combination adjustable spanner/wrench, utility knives, and a large axe/pry bar tool! All of these items have optional multi-shell Regiments hands, so if you’d like, you can remove them and have the equipment as standalone items!

The standalone version for the G11, and a Regiments pistol-grip joint compatible gyrojet Rifle, as well as the full version with stock. We’ve also made the heavy mining laser as a standalone item in both its active and stowed configurations.

We’ll sign off with a few examples of the variety of figures you could make with all these components — there are over 10 thousand possible combinations!!!

ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 14 ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 15 ADF NASA Punk Astronauts 16

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