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Anvil Digital Forge: Modern Special Forces – Juni 2024 Patreon

Diesen Monat gibt es bei Anvil Digital Forge Bandenmitglieder.

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Everything You Get with June’s Modern Special Forces!

Hello Patrons!

With just a few days left of May, it’s your last chance to sign up for the Sci-Fi Gangers – don’t miss out on having your own Sci-Fi dystopian punks, ready to take to the streets and stand up to their oppressors!

Next month is switching over to a more contemporary set of modular miniatures…
Modern Special Forces

Staffer Dan was given the task of bringing you a full set of miniatures with modern day special forces!

Stating of strong with the heads – you’ve got some options here! Twelve helmeted heads with NODs up, down and folded, ear defenders / armoured headsets, microphones, head torches, velcro webbing, cloth covers for both the face (emblazoned with an intimidating skull visage), and the helmet itself – and on the backside you’ve got IR strobes, and radio receivers! Truly, there has never been a more customisable helmet setup!

In addition, there’s four unhelmeted „character“ heads, which Josh lent his expertise to craft. As is well known in miniature modelling circles, your characters never wear hats of any kind, and these were excellently made to resemble some characters from the SEAL Team & Special Ops: Lioness TV series. It does mean, however, that there’s a cool pair of shades, or extra facial hair, that you can port over onto any of the other infantry heads that ARE taking some kind of precautions!

The torsos are up next. First, there’s a simple combat shirt, upon which the other torso equipment is layered. Twelve are equipped with ultralight plate carriers, and then sport various arrangements of pouches on both the front, and back. Two of those plate carriers are further specialised with JTAC ( Joint Terminal Attack Controller ) folding navigation board, and radio!

All of these extras are multi-shelled options, meaning you now have the capability to kitbash plate carriers and chest rigs! We can’t wait to see what you come up with, combining these with other months releases!

The arms have been kept as nice and simple combat shirt fatigues, making use of our Regiments Pistol-Grip style rifle joint. Ten poses for active combat situations, as well as two that are holding the rifle slung on one shoulder. An additional four pairs of arms with Regiments open wrist joints round out the selection, for holding accessories, or pistols/melee weapons.

All the arms feature optional Multi-Shell shoulder pockets and combat gloves, giving you dozens and dozens of combinations that will alter the feel of your minis! Each of the rifle’s stocks are shelled too, meaning you can swap in any other PG stocked rifle we’ve released in the past. The shoulder-slung rifle is also a shelled element, alongside the sling strap itself, making the option of swapping in a different rifle another easy option!

Next up, we’ve got four specialist Upper Bodies, split between two unique JTAC poses with their nav boards open, and two marksmen holding the SCAR SSR in unique poses!

For both specialists, all the same gear that’s a multi-shell on the regular weapons, torsos, and arms remain the same, meaning you can freely swap in any other arm, torso, or customise the pouches, pockets, and rigs to your heart’s content!

The special forces legs are much like the arms, featuring twelve simple pairs of combat trousers in various poses. As always, you’ve got a selection of static and advancing poses, alongside a kneeling set too. All the legs have large thigh pockets, as well as integrated kneepads and lightweight, modern combat boots

Each pair of legs has the option of removing any of the pockets and/or the integrated kneepad, making them very versatile as generic modern-day trousers!

Last, but by no means least, we have next month’s weapons & accessories. Adam has kindly sculpted some excellent SCAR rifles (L and H) alongside the marksman’s SSR, all of which are compatible with our Regiments Pistol-Grip joint! As a side arm, Dan chose the Sig P320, which comes as a pistol joint compatible version, as well as a combined version with grip. There’s also two hands holding knives, two holding torches, and a hand holding a squad radio!

As with the arms, all the hands feature optional combat gloves, and all the weapons / equipment can have the hand completely removed too, giving you a standalone version! The SCARs all have optional magazines, sights, and in the case of the SSR, the suppressor too – and the versions with stocks and grips have kept those optional as well!

We really hope that you’ve enjoyed this preview, and like us, are super excited to get your hands on all these modular parts next week! If you’d like a closer look, we’ve included all the Shell renders in a handy reference download ZIP, attached to this post!

Check back next month, when Dan will show lots of examples of figures with their multi-shells manipulated to give the minis a different character and feel!

Sci-Fi Ganger Industrial Workers – Loyalty Reward!

Anvil Juni 09

Here’s a closer look at the multi-shelled render for the upcoming expansion to the Sci-Fi gangers. Everyone who’s a patron for next month’s NATO inspired modern special forces will get this bonus booster kit, absolutely free!

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