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Warp Miniatures: The Mythic Goblins Part 1

Warp Miniatures bringen diesen und nächsten Monat Goblin Kits auf ihrem Patreon heraus.

Warp Miniatures The Mythic Goblins Part 1 1 Warp Miniatures The Mythic Goblins Part 1 2 Warp Miniatures The Mythic Goblins Part 1 3 Warp Miniatures The Mythic Goblins Part 1 4 Warp Miniatures The Mythic Goblins Part 1 5

September 2023 – The Mythic Goblins (Part 1)

Hey there folks!

I’m delighted to announce the next release for the Warp Miniatures Patreon – Mythic Goblins! This two-month release will feature extensive multi-part kits for you to create your own Goblin hordes with a Celtic-y theme, with Wolf Riders being the first half in September.

These kits are perfect for those looking to make large regiments of Goblins for their tabletop games, with multiple weapon options, interchangeable pieces, and banner, musician and champion options for full integration with ‚Hammer of War‘ games… wink.

This super fun release was inspired and supported by Jim Bailey, a patron (oh ho) of my work, and we hope you enjoy them too.

*How to get the models*

After all of your pledges have been processed by Patreon (takes around two or three days), I’ll release the files for you all to download and print.

An email will be sent to you from MyMiniFactory, where you can download them at your leisure. I am required to manually add any new Patrons into the MMF system, so you will get your link within a few days of subscribing.

If you haven’t received your link after a few days, be sure to check the spam folders in your email inbox. If sill no joy, just let me know and I’ll look into it for you.

I hope you enjoy this release as much as I enjoyed sculpting them!

Many thanks,

– Alex

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