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TTCombat: Spukhaus und Raumstation

TTCombat bringen als Ergänzung zum Riesenrad ein Geisterhaus heraus, außerdem erhalten die UCM für Dropfleet Commander die erste kleine fraktionsspezifische Raumstation.


Nothing is more scary at the fair than the haunted house, once you are in you can’t get out. With three levels each scarier than the next. The top floor has multiple doors, each leading to where you are going and where you have been. The middle floor has an inner balcony that over looks the labyrinth on the ground floor. The walls of the ground floor can be moved at will to create a shifting maze. This building works for 28 – 32mm scale wargames and will go well with other fairground scenery such as the Ferris wheel and many more to come.


The UCM bring their space stations to battle as an anchor point for their fleets. The Munitions Platform posses a devastating battery of building size torpedoes that can tear a hole in the toughest ship hull. This is just one of the faction specific small space stations that can also be made into the Defence Hangar.  Each faction develops their own small space stations as defensive points for fleets to fall back to and be supported by, so the scourge also possess these mini Goliath’s.

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