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TTCombat: Neuheiten

TTComabt erweitern ihre Sci-Fi Utopia Range.

The SLAB Hab range is a super flexible range that can quickly fill up your game table!  Stackable and joinable with the walkways and access point kit, you can build towering slums or a sprawling city. The range is quick to build so you can have tournaments and games running in no time.

The SLAB Hab Small kit is made from 3mm MDF and Acrylic. It is a great scenery kit to use in Sci-Fi skirmish games, will work perfectly with 28-32mm games and miniatures, and look great on any Sci-Fi inspired game board.

SLAB Hab: Access Points and Walkways für £14.00

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The Slab Hab Access and Walkways kit is the kit you need for your towering constructions or sprawling buildings in SLAB City. Giving you different access points and alternative walkways, this kit provides multiple layout variations within the SLAB range.

SLAB Hab Large für £24.00

TTCombatSLABHabLarge (1) TTCombatSLABHabLarge (2) TTCombatSLABHabLarge (3) TTCombatSLABHabLarge (4) TTCombatSLABHabLarge (5) TTCombatSLABHabLarge (6) TTCombatSLABHabLarge (7) TTCombatSLABHabLarge (8)

The large SLAB Hab, is a show of force. Whilst you may want to show your entire army off on the spacious roof, it’s not recommended. Featuring secure walkways, stairways, and rooftop barricades. The large Hab is a spacious building, capable of holding a large army and is a great building block for stacking other Hab Buildings onto it.

SLAB Hab Medium für £20.00

TTCombatSLABMedium (1) TTCombatSLABMedium (2) TTCombatSLABMedium (3) TTCombatSLABMedium (4)

The medium SLAB Hab is a great stronghold for a dwindling force. Featuring secure walkways, stairways, and rooftop barricades. The medium Hab is the home away from home when you’re on the run.

SLAB Hab Small für £16.00

TTCombatSLABSmall (1) TTCombatSLABSmall (2) TTCombatSLABSmall (3) TTCombatSLABSmall (4)

The small SLAB Hab is the ideal extension to your existing buildings within the SLAB Range. Featuring secure walkways, stairways, and rooftop barricades. It’s like a small mini fortress.

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