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TTCombat: Neues Gelände

TTCombat haben zwei neue Geländesets im Shop.

Cathedralcovercopy Brokenchapelcopy Cathfrontcopy Endcapcopy 4207fc41 B72d 41a6 933b Ab5cc40ec8a9 Midcapcopy Smallsidecopy Ruined Convent Cathedral A2000px 7d494d8a 215e 41ef 8b46 118589de6169 B2000px 71f58b9e B56e 4720 9531 Bcd4b65201d3 C2000px 42d7b518 C7cd 4c94 8485 B03d3d13bd03


The Ruined Convent Cathedral contains 1 large ruined section, 1 medium ruined section and 4 small ruined section.

These ruins provide a large centrepiece for you Convent board with points to connect it to the rest of our Convent range. It has a high point for added range and partially destroyed sections to give your troops cover.

This kit is made from 3mm MDF. It is a great scenery kit to use in sci-fi skirmish games and will work perfectly with 28-32mm games and miniatures.

Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly. Miniatures not inclueded We advise using PVA glue for the best results. Any miniatures are for scale only and not included.

Caverndungcovercopy Tiles1copy Tiles2copy Tiles3copy Tiles4copy Tiles5copy Tiles6copy Tiles7copy A2000px 038e97d6 7a70 469c 8d87 1ec76f7374c7


The musty smell and gentle dripping is the first to meet your senses as you descend into the cavern, our eyes slowly adjusting to the light. What encounters await you inside…

The Cavern Dungeon is a large modular tile set allowing you to set up your battle map differently each time. Stone walls and floors surround a sizable underground lake. each section has 25mm/1″ squares hidden amongst the stone so you can use this kit for table top roleplaying or skirmish wargames.

This kit is made from 3mm MDF working well with 28-32mm games and miniatures.

Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly. We advise using PVA glue for the best results. Some kits may need filing for a perfect fit – always dry fit your models first for best results. Any miniatures are for scale only and not included.

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