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TTCombat: Carnevale Einzelfiguren und Gelände

In der wöchentlichen Vorschau von TTCombat wurden gestern Einzelfiguren für die Doktoren und neues asiatisches Gelände angekündigt.

Die Figuren sollen zum Teil neue Sculpts sein, etwa der „Doctor of the Arsenal“ mit seiner Bazooka.

TTCombatCarnivale2303b TTCombatCarnivale2303

Nobody knows what is going on in the Ospedale but having looked at the monstrous patients, we can ensure you it’s nothing good. Hideous beasts leave the Doctors’ lair at all times throughout the day and take to the streets to cause carnage amongst the citizens. Multiple new miniatures only previously available in the boxes or blisters are now available to order as a single mini. Characters from the Experimental Plasma Analysis, Sleepless Undead, and Lab Assistants will all be made available. Additionally, you’ll find a couple of completely new miniatures such as the alternate ‘Doctor of the Arsenal’ whose gun has become a hulking shoulder-mounted Bazooka!

Das neue Inaka Misayama – Dorf besteht aus fünf Hütten und kann durch Planken und Boote erweitert werden.

TTCombatEastern230301 TTCombatEastern230302

If you take a moment, you can practically smell the fresh Mountain air and hear river reeds rustling in the wind. The Inaka: Misayama Village is a peaceful little paradise tucked away in the mountains. Like any small Village, you can expect multiple homes and event stables! Designed to have fully playable interiors, you’ll easily be able to remove the roofs but just remember to close the functional doors on your way out. More information about this kit will be available Friday.

The Inaka: Walkways kit means no more getting your feet wet! You’ll no longer have to trudge through muddy marshland when out fishing for your day’s meal. Alternatively if you’re not in the mood for fishing, you could use these sturdy walkways to rapidly move troops from point A to B. At least they’ll have dry feet. More information about this kit will be available Friday.

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