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The Little Soldier Company: Medball Kickstarter

The Little Soldier Company sind mit etwas anderen Sportminiaturen auf Kickstarter aktuell unterwegs.

Medball – Football Players for Medieval Gaming!

Medball Football Players For Medieval Gaming! 1

A set of footballing sculpts to enhance your Medieval world.

In Medieval times the thought of playing a game where you kicked a ball around might not have been in many people’s thoughts but that’s not to say it couldn’t have happened… so we need Medball! The figures are designed to be used with any of the many miniature football rules that are around.

Medball Football Players For Medieval Gaming! 2

Henry’s Heroes!

Medball Football Players For Medieval Gaming! 3

Edward’s Eagles!

The miniatures are designed by the wonderful Martin Buck. The original idea was to have separate heads so sprues of them could be supplied with torsos allowing a great deal of individualism between the teams… after I put the first sets of master casting together I remember that, back in the late 70’s, there was a series of fantasy ranges by Citadel Miniatures that were produced with variant heads on a small selection of bodies… it was a great idea and very popular. I sent sets of master castings back to Martin and he toiled into the late hours and we ended up with nigh on 60 variants! Now it is not certain that all the variants will be produced – that all depends on how popular the Kickstarter is and will be announced as updates as well travel allow on our journey.  At a bare minimum there will be two variants of each Medball playing figure.

The rewards for the miniatures are grouped as above… all are scaled to the popular 28mm size although vary in height as seen… If you want multiple pledges then just add the extra amount to your pledge. For the multiple teams pledge the minimum pledge is £80 for two teams. Any questions just send me a message…

Medball Football Players For Medieval Gaming! 4

Fouls are a common occurrence!

Please note that all miniatures are supplied unpainted and cast in white metal… this contains lead so should be handled with care and not given to children under the age of 14. Some cleaning up may also be required using a craft knife and/or hobby file.

Medball Football Players For Medieval Gaming! 5

Variant examples… front left being the original sculpt.

Casting will be completed by Peter Brown of ‚The Moldmaker‘ in the lead belt of Nottingham…

The cost of shipping has gone up a lot in recent times, especially to the United States of America and Europe. I will charge shipping at cost – you can check overseas costs here; https://www.postoffice.co.uk/mail – and will invoice via PayPal once we are close to fulfilment (UK 2nd class signed is currently £4.45). Please also note that, following the departure of the UK from the European Union on the 1st January 2021, there may well be VAT and/or customs charges added by your relevant postal authorities.

Die Kampagne ist noch nicht finanziert und läuft noch 20 Tage.

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