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The Horus Heresy: Raven Guard und Esoterist Consul

Aus dem Schatten treten die Space Marines der 19. Legion, die Raven Guard, auf die Schlachtfelder der Horus Heresy, während sich bei den Verrätern mit dem Traitor Esoterist Consul den dunklen Mächten verschrieben wird.

Heresy Thursday – The Raven Guard Are Here to Pilfer a Pile of Shiny Mark VI Armour Upgrades

The Raven Guard are known for their surreptitious approach. They tricked everyone by letting the Alpha Legion outfit themselves with Mark VI armour upgrades in a prior Heresy Thursday, but the XIX Legion is finally stepping out of the shadows with upgrades to the armour mark they claim as their own.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – The Raven Guard Are Here To Pilfer A Pile Of Shiny Mark VI Armour Upgrades 1

The sleek lines of ‘Corvus’ armour were named for the Raven Guard’s Primarch, so it’s no wonder that the sons of Corax look so good in their new duds. It’s the signature Raven Guard look, and Andy from the Horus Heresy team explains the idea behind the design.

Andy: A lot of people thought that the Raven Guard weren’t getting any new heads, because MKVI is already the Legion-appropriate mark. I wanted them to be more than just plain MKVI, so in the brief I asked the designers to draw inspiration from the classic ‘Imperial Space Marine’ head – both the original helmet from the first ever metal marine and the limited edition plastic 30th anniversary version we did a few years ago.” 

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – The Raven Guard Are Here To Pilfer A Pile Of Shiny Mark VI Armour Upgrades 2

“That makes the Raven Guard heads the prototype, consistent with stories about them trialling this armour pattern, and it being named ‘Corvus’ in their honour.

Three styles of helmet reinforce their corvid credentials with subtle accentuations and extra sensors, while the bare head sports a slicked-back ‘do, and there’s a special helmet with a transverse crest made of – what else – raven feathers. The decadence!

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – The Raven Guard Are Here To Pilfer A Pile Of Shiny Mark VI Armour Upgrades 3

When you’ve got a name like Corvus Corax, there’s no way you’re not putting a bird on everything you can get your hands on. The Legion’s shoulder pad upgrade pack features a sculpted Raven emblem, delivering you from the extra steps of freehand or transfers.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – The Raven Guard Are Here To Pilfer A Pile Of Shiny Mark VI Armour Upgrades 4

Heresy Thursday – Exorcise and Obliterate with the Traitor Esoterist Consul

Horus’ fateful encounter with the Ruinous Powers at the Serpent Lodge on Davin turned the Warmaster traitor, but he wasn’t the only member of the Legiones Astartes to dabble with the darker forces underpinning the galaxy.

With the Heresy in full swing, the Traitor Legions are free to explore the forbidden arts anew – and the Esoterist Consul steps out from the shadows.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Traitor Esoterist Consul 1

No matter how fiercely the Emperor suppressed the Primordial Truth, there were always those willing to explore the Immaterium’s secrets – whether to ward off its eldritch denizens, or harness their unnatural power.

The Traitors quickly embraced these mind-expanding secrets, spread by robed conjurers through the rituals of the Warrior Lodges – but as the Heresy progressed, even Loyalist psykers drank deep from wells of outlawed knowledge. Desperate to overcome the Warmaster’s strange new powers, gifted lore-seekers and ex-Librarians defied the Edicts of Nikaea – with or without the blessings of their Primarchs.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Traitor Esoterist Consul 2

n battle, Loyalist Esoterists deploy their arcane learnings to weaken Corrupted foes and other beings of the warp, while Traitors gain the ability to conjure forth hordes of Daemonic allies to do their bidding.

However, both flavours of Esoterist can unleash Void Darts – a powerful psychic weapon that tears open reality itself. With a dozen shots that can chain into extra hits through Deflagrate, it’s nasty enough – but it also wounds Daemons on a 2+ and forces them to re-roll Invulnerable Saves.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Traitor Esoterist Consul 3

This robed resin miniature bears a force staff topped with the eight-pointed star of a true Traitor, and can be assembled with a sinister cowl or a beaked helm linked to its psychic hood.

The Esoterist Consul will be arriving from Forge World to blight battlefields soon.

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