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The Horus Heresy: Exemplary Battles of the Age of Darkness

Mit dem nächsten Buch, Exemplary Battles of the Age of Darkness, für Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, werden fünf berühmte Konflikte aus dem großen Bruderkrieg aufgegriffen und mit Szenarios und Regeln aufbereitet.

Heresy Thursday – The Most Exemplary Battles of All Come to Print

We’ve been hosting Exemplary Battles of the Age of Darkness here on Warhammer Community since before the most recent edition of the game came out around two years ago. This in-depth series shines a light on some of the lesser-known conflicts fought over the course of the Horus Heresy – and the more idiosyncratic formations deployed in those battles. They contain something for everyone. New rules, new scenarios, new lore, and new troops, plus conversion tips to recreate them on the tabletop.

It’s been such a success, in fact, that there’s a new supplement coming for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy!

Four old favourites have been revamped for the latest edition of the game, along with one totally new scenario – all bound into a new hardback book.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – The Most Exemplary Battles Of All Come To Print 1

As you may have guessed from the cover, this is also the first place you can find the rules for the monstrous new resin miniature of Fulgrim Transfigured, as well as special rules and rites for particularly corrupted hosts of Emperor’s Children. The fallen Phoenician is a literal daemon in combat, with a range of devastating tricks and attacks, and a suitably weighty points value of 600.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – The Most Exemplary Battles Of All Come To Print 2

Will you choose Decapitating Slashes, to lay low entire squads of elite warriors? Or shatter war machines and monsters with Sundering Blows – powerful strikes, which are limited to three Attacks apiece by the Wrathful Blows (3) special rule?

There are five Exemplary Battles on offer here, each providing a unique theatre of war – you’ll find new and updated missions for both Age of Darkness and Zone Mortalis games, as well as mini-campaigns to tie your battles together. You’ll travel to the Defence of Sotha, the Siege of Hydra Cordatus, the Battle of Armatura, and the Battle of Calth – plus the all-new Purging of the Invocastus Sector.

Within these battles you’ll also find special squads for Night Lords, Iron Warriors, World Eaters, Ultramarines, and Salamanders. These represent storied or elite formations specific to their Legion, with updated rules for the new edition – and entirely new rules for the Salamanders Sanctifier Squads. They’re accompanied by modelling, kitbashing, and painting guides to complete the look.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – The Most Exemplary Battles Of All Come To Print 3

This supplement will come to pre-order shortly, alongside the Avatar of Perfection himself.

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