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Spectre Miniatures: Aftermath Kill Team

Spectre Miniatures ziehen in eine nukleare Endzeit.

SM Spectre Aftermath Kill Team 1 SM Spectre Aftermath Kill Team 2 SM Spectre Aftermath Kill Team 3 SM Spectre Aftermath Kill Team 5 SM Spectre Aftermath Kill Team 6 SM Spectre Aftermath Kill Team 4

++New Aftermath Kill Team++

In our continuing efforts to update and refresh our ranges we’ve redesigned and relaunched the Aftermath Kill Team!
The Aftermath Kill Team are tasked with operating in hazardous environments for short periods of time. They wear full CBRN suits and gas masks with and oxygen supply for maximum protection.
These suits allow them a higher degree of protection, at the expense of Awareness while playing an Aftermath Scenario or campaign in Spectre Operations
They are armed to tackle most situations. AK74s with suppressors, PP-19 Bizon SMG, and Saiga shotgun all provide lethal firepower at shot to medium ranges. One member carries a long RPK12 for fire support and longer range engagements, while the commander carries an AEK-919K machine pistol for quiet CQB work. Drum mags are favoured to minimise reloading while in suits and optics are left off to ease use while wearing respirators.
++New Scenery STLs++
We’ve also launched new Scenery STLs. These Tetrapods, Water Tanks, Hesco and Alaska Barriers are perfect for creating cover and variety to your tabletops.
These all come supported and unsupported

Get them here!


Das Kill Team mit 6 Modellen kostet £20.00, diverse Geländestücke sind als Download verfügbar.

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