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Pug Town: 28mm STL Kickstarter

Keine Bange, diese Stadt ist in guten Händen!

Pug Town 28mm Fantasy Town Guard STL 1


Welcome to Trench Coat Miniatures‘ second Kickstarter campaign! As lovers of all things tabletop miniatures related, we are a 3D printing and design company specializing in fun, unique, and reasonably priced miniatures for your tabletop. In conjunction with our amazing sculpting resources, we will bring you high-quality digital sculpts for all your 3D printing and tabletop needs.


Pug Town 28mm Fantasy Town Guard STL 2

Our second set of miniatures will be these amazing Pug Town Guards. They are designed in 28mm scale and feature amazing details.

This Campaign includes the following:

  • Professionally Supported Files For Each Guard
  • Unsupported Files For Each Guard
  • All Photos, Renders, and Sculpt Pictures


  • All models come standard in 28MM scale but can be scaled up or down to suit your gameplay needs.

Stretch Goals

  • $300 – Reached!! – Watchdog

Pug Town 28mm Fantasy Town Guard STL 3

  • $600 – Reached!!!! Drunk Guard

Pug Town 28mm Fantasy Town Guard STL 4

  • $900 – Captain of the Guard
  • $1200 – Sleeping Guard

Merchant License

All merchant licenses are lifetime licenses! There is no renewal or annual payment. At the end of the campaign, we will send you an individual merchant certificate to be shown on request if asked for the license.


Pug Town 28mm Fantasy Town Guard STL 5

If you missed out on our Ogre Kickstarter you can add them to your pledge

  • Ogre Personal Use – $10
  • Ogre Commercial Use – $30

File Delivery

All files will be delivered within2 weeks of the campaign ending, once Kickstarter sends the funds. They will be delivered via Kickstarter messages.

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