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Warmachine: MKIV App Update und Roadmap

Am gestrigen Freitag wurde die Warmachine App aktualisiert. Des weiteren hat Privateer Press den Release-Plan für 2023 aktualisiert.



Along with today’s progress report, we’ve updated the MKIV roadmap to reflect some course changes in the ongoing development of the app. After much research into implementing the Output-to-PDF functionality that will allow you to print card data from the app, we determined that Desktop Client support would need to come first, as it helps facilitate the print function. So, these items have switched places on our development timeline, with Desktop Client support targeted for April and the Output-to-PDF functionality following in May. Desktop Client support will be facilitated through Steam, and with a subscription, you’ll be able to jump from mobile device to your desktop and back again, with access to all your Force builds from any device you’re logged into.

We’ve also added some Legacy development milestones to the roadmap and are aiming to have Legacy rules for Battle Engines as well as the Secret Dominion army in the app in March, followed by the Temple Guardians and Black Fleet armies in April. As planned from the outset, Legacy conversions of all remaining models will continue through the end of the year, with everything complete by December of 2023.

We have been fully approved for the new build of the WARMACHINE app, which will go live on Friday, March 3, 2023.

In preparation for this major update, the app will go offline starting at 9 a.m. PST on March 3. It will take 1–4 hours for the app to become available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Once the new version of the WARMACHINE app is available, users will need to update to the new version in order to log into accounts and have access to the latest upgrades and information.

The new version of the app will include new library content as well as subscription content. This week, we’ll be adding part four of Dark Rising by Aeryn Rudel as well as the first chapter in the Black Tide campaign. New subscription content will be added to the app every Wednesday.

In addition to weekly content, subscribers will also have no limit to the number of force builds or matches that can be stored in an account and will enjoy cloud storage with access from any device running the app.



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