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One Page Rules: September Teaser

One Page Rules zeigen erste Bilder auf ihr September-Patreon-Paket.

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In September we continue the release of the Human Empire and will debut of the Dwarf Guilds, a faction we are extremely excited to show you. Here is what  you can expect next month and beyond.

September New Releases

For the Human Empire our hero is the Captain on Pegasus, able to lead troops from a birds-eye view and quickly get to where he’s needed most. The Mercenaries are a flexible elite unit representing the forces from outside the Human Empire that you can bring to bear with melee and ranged options. The Beamer Wagon brings magical support and pinpoint destruction while the Mortar and Rocket Battery provides less precise but more explosive results.

Two heroes lead the first release of the Dwarf Guilds, the Champion with their wide selection of weapons, and the Rune Master who’s runes can provide their forces with powerful buffs or bring destruction down on their foes. The skilled and versatile Warriors can be equipped with a wealth of weapons and tools, including medical training that makes the already hardy dwarves even more durable and the Thunder Support brings the heavy weapons to the battle. All of these units can make good use of the APC to get their otherwise slow troops safely to where they’re needed.

Our legendary model next month is the Human Empire Chimeric Summoning. This massive diorama presents five Battle Mages combining their elemental magic in order to summon a powerful Chimera to the battlefield.

In September we’re also going to be releasing three terrain sets. Two for the Ratmen, and one for the Blessed Sisters. For FTL we’re going to be releasing the Empire Fleet.

For our 2D offerings, the Duchies of Vinci 4th set will be releasing as well as the Plague Daemons 2nd set. and you’ll also receive the 2D Empire fleet as well as terrain sets for the two factions and our Space Terrain set. The 2D models are a fast and affordable way to get some great looking armies on the table. They’re perfect for trying out a new game or a new faction.

With the 3rd edition of our games coming out soon, you’ll also get access to the 3rd edition betas as well as a sampling of armies for each game to try them out.

3D Print Rewards (1+5 legends + 76 models + 20 terrain + 88 bases + 18 game aids):

  • Legendary – Human Empire Chimeric Summoning x1+5
  • Human – Captain on Pegasus x2
  • Human – Mercenaries x15
  • Human – Beamer Wagon x1
  • Human – Rocket Battery x1+4
  • Human – Mortar x1+4
  • Human – Themed Bases x44
  • Human – Game Aids x9
  • Dwarf Guilds – Rune Master x2+1
  • Dwarf Guilds – Champion x9
  • Dwarf Guilds – Warriors x26+1
  • Dwarf Guilds – Thunder Support x12+1
  • Dwarf Guilds – APC x7
  • Dwarf Guilds – Themed Bases x44
  • Dwarf Guilds – Game Aids x9
  • FTL – Empire Fleet x4
  • Ratmen – Area Terrain x3
  • Ratmen – Scatter Terrain x14
  • Blessed Sister – Medium Terrain x3

2D Print Rewards:

  • Duchies of Vinci- Set #4
  • Plague Daemons – Set #3
  • Duchies of Vinci Terrain
  • Plague Daemons Terrain
  • FTL Empire Fleet
  • FTL Space Terrain

Games Rewards:

  • 8 Game Missions
  • Grimdark Future 3rd Edition (Beta)
  • GF: Firefight 3rd Edition (Beta)
  • Age of Fantasy 3rd Edition (Beta)
  • AoF: Skirmish 3rd Edition (Beta)
  • AoF: Regiments 3rd Edition (Beta)
  • GF: FTL (beta)
  • AoF: Quest (beta)

The above is only the new stuff that’s being added next month, so you’re also getting a ton of other welcome pack minis, a 50% discount code for our MyMiniFactory store, games, and much more!

Project Roadmap

October will be the final month for the Human Empire, but they’re leaving on a high note. The General on Dragon will take flight bringing terror and awe to their foes. They’ll be supported by the Cleric, Hunters, Guard Knights, and the magical Hurricane Wagon.

The Dwarf Guilds will also take to the skies in October with the Jetpack Champion and Jetpack Warriors. They’ll also gain access to the Elites as well as some powerful dwarven engineered destruction: Artillery and the Dwarf Guilds Tank,

You’ll also be getting a brand new Tier 2 Welcome Pack in October featuring the Ratmen and the Change Daemons.

With the Vampiric Undead releasing in November, we’re happy to show you a concept art preview of one of the faction’s iconic units: The Necromancer.

Here is the roadmap for the next few months:

  • October – Human Empire & Dwarf Guilds + New Welcome Pack
  • November – Vampiric Undead & Dwarf Guilds
  • December – Vampiric Undead & Dwarf Guilds + New Loyalty Rewards

That’s it for now, happy wargaming!

– OPR Team

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