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Mithril Miniatures: Untoter Hornbläser

Im August kommt von Mithril Miniatures mit dem Untoter Hornbläser ein weiteres Modell aus dem Herrn der Ringe.

Mithril Miniatures MZ709 Deadman Hornist 1 Mithril Miniatures MZ709 Deadman Hornist 2 Mithril Miniatures MZ709 Deadman Hornist 3 Mithril Miniatures MZ709 Deadman Hornist 4

Lord of the Rings ‚Deadman hornist‘ Resin figure – 21,00 Euro

Known as the oathbreakers or the Dead Men of Dunharrow, were humans cursed by Isildur for abandoning their oath to aid him in the War of the Last Alliance. Doomed to haunt the lands and caverns around Dwimorberg. They would never know peace until they fulfilled their oath. Aragorn recruited them and they finally succeeded in breaking their curse.

Only 100 of these figures are produced. This is the 198th release in the Gold Status Fellowship club. This was the winning idea from February 2022 and was submitted by Fellowship member „ddaines„. This is the tenth fully resin figure, undercoated with matt grey primer. There are two parts, the undead figure and the sword. The base has the manufacturer name MITHRIL, creation date and number on the sides of the base. The figure measures 36mm in height to top of horn.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Quelle: Mithril Miniatures


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