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Mierce Miniatures: Khthones Battle Host

Diesen Monat gibt es Schlangenmenschen beim Patreon von Mierce Miniatures.

MM Khthones Battle Host 1

Khthones (Gorgon) Battle Host

We head into the third month of our digital journey and May’s battle host is an absolute cracker, although we would say that. This month we focus on the snake-ladies of the Khthones kindred and the Gorgon realm, giving you supported and unsupported LYS and STL files to download, print and play! Worth over £500 if purchased in resin, we’re offering the digital files for just £9.99!

Khthones (Gorgon) Battle Host File List

  • Medusel, Gorgór of Khthon (3x variants) – 60mm base
  • Thelliatiss, Gorgórix of Khthon (4x variants) – 50mm base
  • Klóstiss, Gorgórargós of Khthon – 50mm base
  • Dawn of Khthon, Gorgórar Unit (7x warriors) – 50mm base
  • Storm of Khthon, Gorgóraxo Unit (5x warriors) – 50mm base
  • Gorgers, Stóskoular Unit (3x warriors) – 60mm base
  • Krataeis, Skyllar of Khthon – 100mm base

Who are the Khthones?

The Khthones are not one race but many, a myriad of reptilian anthropomorphs created by the Atalantes to be their servants and their menials, vassals to die in battle for them and thralls to bend to their every will, whim or desire. For thousands of years the Khthones suffered this cruel slavery, years of pain and mutilation and barbarity, until their endurance was finally exhausted and the chains that bound them could be borne no more. Led by the Gorgon known as Ophios, the Gorgonares turned on their progenitors and slaughtered them, rousing Krokodar, Lískar, Hydrar and many others of the earth to unite and win freedom; yet the struggle to break free from Atalantia is not so simple, as vengeance must be served and the Atalantes are warriors still.

MM Khthones Battle Host 2

The Lands of Darkness

You can learn more about the Khthones on the Mierce Miniatures webstore and in the Lands of Darkness kindred guide!

MM Khthones Battle Host 3

Medusel commands the Khthones (Gorgon) Battle Host as she is a gorgór, the direct female counterpart, companion and foil to the male gorgons, led by Ophios himself. Being a gorgór means she is also a sorcerer, a mighty witch who can command the power of the earth to destroy the enemies of the Khthones. She comes in three different versions, but all of the arms and bodies are interchangeable so you can have her how you wish, perhaps with a bow and staff, for example.

MM Khthones Battle Host 4

The gorgórix known as Thelliatiss is one of Medusel’s trusted commanders – well able to command the host on its own – and also has a number of different options, with polekhine, two khineblades, bow or with throwing trikhines, all of which are interchangeable. She’s a really flexible sculpt!

MM Khthones Battle Host 5

Klóstiss simply comes as you see her here. She’s a backup sorcerer to Medusel, a gorgórargós that can also command the powers of the earth itself.

MM Khthones Battle Host 6

The gorgórar unit known as the Dawn of Khthon are amongst the deadliest of monstrous infantry in Darklands thanks to their high SKILL and powerful weapons, not least of which are their unique ability to spit venom. They are somewhat fragile but are no less effective when backed up by the larger Khthones monsters!

MM Khthones Battle Host 7

Armed with bows and daggers, the gorgóraxo in the Storm of Khthon unit are a great way to support the rest of the host with excellent ranged ability.

MM Khthones Battle Host 8

Some of the most effective beasts in the game, the stóskoular known as the Gorgers can burrow underground and emerge at just the right spot to devour an unsuspecting sorcerer or support unit!

MM Khthones Battle Host 9

The centrepiece of the Khthones battle host has to be the skyllar, Krataeis. A giant snake-monster of old myth, she can destroy her enemies through sheer number of attacks, thanks to her own strength and her lower body, comprising six snake tails that slither her over the ground and that end in deadly venom-shooting and -biting heads.

Another fantastic month of Mierce Miniatures!

More to come!

As we always say, there’s a lot more to come from us, not the least of which are the wulfas of the Anglecynn, who will make up our June release.

Stay tuned for more on those very soon!

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