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Marvel Crisis Protocol: Winter Soldier

Atomic Mass Games stellen die neue Figur des Winter Soldiers aus der Earths Mightiest Box im Rahmen des „From Panel to Play“ Formats vor.


P2P Art CP143 WinterSoldier

If you catch him in his downtime, you might think to offer this man a helping hand. However, believe us when we tell you that the topic of today’s From Panel to Play needs no assistance. James “Bucky” Barnes may have lost an arm in service to his country, but Winter Soldier, Operative is more than up to any task!

James “Bucky” Barnes was once the sidekick of Captain America. One of his closest friends and a tireless ally, he was always seen by his side as they fought against the evils across the world. He was also on that fateful, final mission that everyone assumed brought about the end of the duo’s heroics. Barnes wasn’t as lucky as his mentor, though, and was unfortunately “rescued” by the Russians.

CP143 WinterSoldier Widescreen

Having suffered devastating injuries in that last mission, the Russians were able to not only restore him to health but take advantage of his injuries to help brainwash and reprogram him into an emotionless killing machine. Retaining his body’s memories of how to fight and being outfitted with a new robotic arm, he became an indispensable tool in their arsenal of evil…at least, until he started disobeying orders and showing signs of fighting his programming. While the Winter Soldier was performing a mission in the United States, his long-lost brother in arms, Captain America, helped restore the memories of his former life. Winter Soldier, Operative now spends his days once again fighting for the side of good and trying to atone for the atrocities he committed while brainwashed.

Winter Soldier, Operative joins Marvel: Crisis Protocol as a 4 Threat character with a variety of violent options at his disposal. He may be a long-range damage dealer that excels at repositioning across the battlefield while making his presence known, but his 4 Physical, 3 Energy and 4 Mystic defense ensure that he can still take a punch. He also boasts 6 Stamina on his Healthy Side and 5 Stamina on his Injured side, so even if he does have to mix it up, he won’t be going down quickly.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this character, whether reviewing his character card or seeing the beautiful miniature, is his Spec Ops Rifle. This Range 5 attack can reach across almost a third of the battlefield and hits with a Strength 5. The attack generates Power equal to the damage it deals and is Suppressive, meaning the target character loses 1 Power for each Wild in the attack roll.

P2P Stat CP143 WinterSodier H Legal P2P Stat CP143 WinterSodier I Legal

Not one to be without options, Winter Soldier can also launch a Concussion Grenade up to Range 3. This energy attack costs 1 Power to use and also hits at Strength 5 but can inflict some nasty special conditions on the enemy characters. If the attack deals damage, the target of the attack is going to get the Stun special condition, which will limit the options available to them as it ensures they only gain 1 Power at a time. When rolling a Wild, this grenade will also catch all surrounding enemy characters with its Blinding Flash. This special rule ensures the target and enemy characters within Range 2 of it suffer the Shock special condition.

The last attack available to him is one that is sure to clear a room. For a cost of 3 Power, The Red Agent can unleash a Range 3 attack that hits with Strength 7. A man of his training is never daunted by the odds, regardless of how many foes oppose him. When he rolls a Wild and Hit during the attack, he performs a Clean Sweep. This special rule means that each other enemy character within Range 3 of Winter Soldier, Operative is also dealt 1 damage.

One key point of the training an operative like him has received is to always be on the move. This character has a host of options available to him that mean he can skirt around the edges of the fight, securing important objectives while still supporting his teammates. A big believer in the Hit and Run tactic, Winter Soldier, Operative can spend 2 Power (and an action) to perform an attack action followed by a move action. This superpower allows him to get the best of both worlds, either double tapping his enemies while repositioning or laying down some cover fire before moving twice to secure that last piece of intel.

To complement both his ability to reach across the table and his maneuverability, he also has the Stealth superpower, which means enemy characters have to be within Range 3 to attack him. You may be shocked to see that when you remember that he has a Range 5 attack, but we promise we didn’t misspeak. Yes, that means he can attack characters who are well out of range of attacking him. This character is the ultimate skirmisher, striking from the shadows and always being where he is least expected.

An operative of his skills also ensures that he fights on the battlefield of his choice. The Kill Box superpower represents the careful planning and preparation that true masters of their craft employ. Having preset the terrain of the battlefield with powerful explosives, this superpower means that when an enemy character ends an Advance or is Placed within Range 4 of him, he can spend 3 Power to destroy a Size 3 or less terrain feature within Range 2 of that character. They then suffer a collision as the terrain crumbles around them!

Lastly, although he prefers to operate at a distance from his targets, that doesn’t mean he skipped training his hand-to-hand combat. His Spetsnaz Training allows him to reroll 1 die when attacking or being attacked by a character within Range 1 of himself.

When you’re ready to help him atone for his past, be sure to pre-order your copy of the Earth’s Mightiest Core Set at your local game store or through the webstore today. Also, be sure to check back later for yet another installment of From Panel to Play, the series where we give you your first look at how your favorite characters transition to the tabletop in Marvel: Crisis Protocol.


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