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Malifaux: Gencon-Releases

Wyrd Miniatures zeigen ihre Neuheiten für die Gencon 2023


In case you missed it, this year’s Nightmare box features the Seeker keyword, with the Skeleton King and his ghostly retinue taking the place of our beloved undead grandma and her crew.

As an extra treat for those who have made the trek out to Indy, we’ll also have a selection of other Nightmare boxes, so those who missed out on them in previous years can have a chance to pick them up. For those hoping to snag them on the webstore amid the Limited Editions available, don’t worry they’ll make their return this Black Friday!

  •  WYR23437 Kastore Core Box $ 60.00

  • WYR23435 Deep in the Dark $ 30.00

  • WYR23934 Ruins of a Lost Age $ 45.00

  • WYR23436 The Hushed Copse $ 35.00

  • WYR23036 Classic Fate Deck $ 13.00

  • WYR23032 Paragon Deck $ 13.00

  • WYR23736 Linh Ly Core Box $ 55.00

  • WYR23737 Lifted from the Page $ 42.50

  • WYR23530 Tenacious Tradition $ 25.00

  • WYR23827 Tiri Core Box $ 52.50

  • WYR40014 Beyond The Other Side $ 35.00

In terms of new releases, there will be boxes for the Returned, Red Library, and Bygone Keywords, new Fate Decks, and a glimpse into the awesome mechanics for The Other Side’s expansion with the Beyond The Other Side book.


We told you Waldo would be at GenCon! Nab your own impish keychain for only $10!


This year’s Miss model is an alternate version of the Freikorps’ Arik Schöttemer, Miss Conduct.

Quelle: Wyrd Games


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