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Main battle tank „Gertrude“: Kickstarter läuft

Ein neuer Panzer sucht Freunde auf Kickstarter.


Main Battle Tank Gertrude 1 Main Battle Tank Gertrude 2

There are many forgotten technologies in the galaxy. However, through the efforts of many, these technologies are being rediscovered. One of these forgotten technologies is the Main Battle Tank „Gertrude“ also known as „Gerti“.

„Gertrude“ impresses with its versatile armament, its strong armor and its modular structure. When „Gerti“ was discovered, it quickly became clear that the structure made it possible to develop a wide variety of vehicles based on her base.

Main Battle Tank Gertrude 3

The heavily armored, integrated turret is particularly striking. Although this is not as agile as that of a „Mortilda“, all of Mortilda’s weapons can be integrated.

Main Battle Tank Gertrude 4 Main Battle Tank Gertrude 5 Main Battle Tank Gertrude 6

Content of the Kickstarter campaign

The content of this campaign are STL data files for a standard resin 3D printer such as the „Anycubic Photon Mono“ or an „Elegoo Saturn“.

A print area of ​​180×164×102mm/7.1 x 6.5 x 4.0 inches is required!

The data is not intended for an FDM printer!

„Gertrude“ is equipped with a variety of weapons that can be glued on but also optionally mounted with the help of magnets. All files are delivered original, presupported and hollowed. Furthermore, they are delivered in three sizes 25-28mm, 28-32mm and 32-35mm.

There is also the option to purchase a lifetime sales license for printed objects.


Only printed objects are allowed to be sold!

Selling the STL files is not permitted!

Main Battle Tank Gertrude 7

„Gerti“ was designed modularly. Changes and extensions are easier to carry out. Furthermore it is possible to print „Gertrude“ more easily.

Main Battle Tank Gertrude 8

It is possible to purchase additional vehicles as well. Weapons from the main battle tank „Mortilda“ can be mixed with „Gertrude“’s weapons. All vehicles that were constructed on the basis of „Mortilda“ are also available for selection. It is possible to buy certain vehicles as a bonus, or a complete package at a reduced price.

Main Battle Tank Gertrude 9

Here you can see a render with all vehicles. Gerty, is slightly narrower and smaller than Mortilda. If that bothers you, „Gerty“ can also be printed out 10% or 20% larger. ALL data will be delivered and supported in three sizes!

Main Battle Tank Gertrude 10 Main Battle Tank Gertrude 11 Main Battle Tank Gertrude 12 Main Battle Tank Gertrude 13

Stretch Goals:

Main Battle Tank Gertrude 14 Main Battle Tank Gertrude 15

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 8 Tage.

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