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Lost Hobbyist: Januar Patreon

Diesen Monat gibt es bei Lost Hobbyist Untote aus der Wüste.

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January 2023 Release (open Post)

Hi Hobbyists,

I am still working on the Release for January but it is nearly done.

Hopefully I will be able to upload the files at the end of the next week.

I have to do the supports  and some last finishing.

The January Release includes:

• Mummy Multipart Set
A Big Multipart Set to create Mummys with or without armor, female mummies, Spear man with Shields, Swordmen, Archers and Some Jacal Monsters.

• The Musty Mummys Football Team
Buildable out of the Multipart Set

• Mummy Cheerleader

• Character The Pharaoh Assassin on the smartest Camel in the world

• Character the „Highpriest“

I Hope you like the release.

Happy printing and a good new Year 2023!!!!

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