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Highlands Miniatures: Gallia Reinforcements

Highlands Miniatures bleibem ihrem August Thema Treu und schicken direkt Unterstüzungen nach.

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September 2023 Release: Gallia Reinforcements!

Good afternoon fellow Gallians,

Today we can finally show you the complete preview of this September 2023 Release in Highlands Miniatures: a new massive set of Gallia miniatures!

For this September 2023 Release I have had the pleasure to sculpt one miniature I consider one of the best miniatures I’ve ever sculpted for Highlands Miniatures: the Baroness of Gallia.

For the Baroness of Gallia we have been truly inspired by the aesthetic of the 1999 film named „The Messenger“, the story of Joan of Arc, directed by Luc Besson and protagonized by Milla Jovovich. As you will see, the main armour design comes directly from this female representation of Joan of Arc.

You can also find a reminiscence of the poses in both mounted and dismounted miniatures from the classic Joan of Arc sculptures you can find in the Place des Pyramides in Paris or in Loiret (France). We decided to bring the Baroness of Gallia with two alternative sculpts as she truly deserves it.

You can also find a new set of female Gallia heads that you can use for any of the Knigths of Gallia, Royal Knights of Gallia, Pegasus Knights and Knights of Gallia on foot. These new heads, combined with the already available modular cavalry closed helmets from all the already available Knights of Gallia, can help you deploy a powerful female force into the game!

It also really helps to bring more diversity and variation to the miniatures and we expect to do the same to bring more ethnicities in the future.

Finally, for the Royal Knights of Gallia we have followed the same approach as the already available Knights of Gallia. It has been hard to differenciate these units as they are essentially the same -medieval knights on horse from the same period of time and place- so I have tried to represent the „royalness“ of these Knights through the use of clothes and more plate armour rather than the visible chain mail you can see in more parts of the bodies in the previous Knights of Gallia.

As I’ve been telling you from the latest post, these summer releases has been a challenge. There is a lot of work behind the miniatures, not only from the main sculpting process but from the overall design, as we are always looking to add a meaning and a story to them.

Hope you like them guys!

Ramon from Highlands Miniatures

The September 2023 Release will be composed of:

  • 8x Knights of Gallia on foot
  • 3x Knights of Gallia on foot Command Group
  • 3x Pegasus Knights
  • 3x Pegasus Knigths Command Group
  • 3x Pegasus
  • 5x Royal Knights of Gallia
  • 3x Royal Knights of Gallia Command Group
  • 4x Gallia Royal Horses
  • 1x Baroness of Gallia on foot
  • 1x Baroness of Gallia on horse
  • 8x Female Gallia Heads

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