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GW: Apocrypha Necromunda Escape from Zalktraa

In einem neuen Szenario für Necromunda wird die Geschichte einer Flucht aus einem Unterseegefängnis nacherzählt.

Apocrypha Necromunda – Execute a Daring Prison Break with Lady Credo

The Aranthian Succession continues, and the gangs of Necromunda throw in their lot with the powers squabbling over Lord Helmawr’s vacant throne. The outlaw noble Lady Credo gathers support from the shadows for an all-out civil war with the devious Lady Haera Helmawr, and the notorious prison-hive of Zalktraa holds just the kinds of dangerous criminals she needs to mount her campaign.

It’ll take skill and daring to break past the cordon of Enforcers and their Sanctioner-pattern automata, but luckily your gangs have that in spades…. right? Owen from the Necromunda design team is here to tell us all about the new downloadable scenario – Escape from Zalktraa.

Games Workshop Apocrypha Necromunda – Execute A Daring Prison Break With Lady Credo 1

Owen: In this instalment of the Apocrypha Necromunda, we enter the fortified prison hive of Zalktraa, and follow a daring escape by a mysterious prisoner aided by the outlaw Lady Credo. You will find new Necromundan lore, a new scenario, and extra rules to enhance your games and gangs of Necromunda.

In the midst of the Great Darkness, Lady Credo and a Van Saar gang known as the Teknica Warriors stage a rescue of a prisoner from the submerged depths of the prison hive. Fighting their way past Enforcer guards and their automata sentries, they must help the prisoner reach safety, whether the prisoner wants it or not…

Games Workshop Apocrypha Necromunda – Execute A Daring Prison Break With Lady Credo 2

In addition to a brand new scenario ‘Escape the Deep’, you’ll also find rules for Enforcer Sanctioner Automata Protocols. These are subroutine sets that allow Enforcer players to alter the reactions and abilities of their Sanctioners at the expense of autonomy, turning them into pre-programmed battlefield terrors.

Thanks Owen! Gather your crew and start planning your ingress into the stygian depths of Zalktraa by downloading the free scenario below. 

Games Workshop Apocrypha Necromunda – Execute A Daring Prison Break With Lady Credo 3


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