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Games Workshop: Las Vegas Open Preview

Heute morgen um 7 Uhr deutscher Zeit fand anlässlich der Las Vegas Open eine Preview Show von Games Workshop statt, bei der sie einige der kommenden Neuheiten präsentierten.

Warhammer 40.000

Primaris Space Marines are about to get heavy reinforcements, with a new Dreadnought and a unit that packs the mightiest portable firepower we’ve yet seen.

Strike Force Agastus is a ceramite fist ready to pulverise whichever foes they’re thrown against. This box set consists of two new heavily armed Space Marine kits that can be used by any Chapter, rounded out with a new customisable Lieutenant and five Heavy Intercessors.


The star of the show is the new Brutalis Dreadnought armed with twin icarus ironhail heavy stubbers, heavy bolters, and bolt rifles. It’s a terror in melee, handing out unnecessarily firm handshakes with its Brutalis fists and claws.

Gwlvo2 Gwlvo3

While the dreadnought cannonballs into enemy lines, the Desolation Squad provides devastating support barrages with their indirect-fire castellan launchers and a choice of superfrag or superkrak rocket launchers. Until now, long-range heavy support has been missing from the Primaris infantry arsenal.

Gwlvo4 Gwlvo5 Gwlvo6 Gwlvo7

Leading them is a new Primaris Lieutenant, the most flexible lieutenant kit we’ve made to date. This version unlocks a wide variety of build options, including the much-requested power fist.


Vashtorr the Arkifane plans to tear the Imperium asunder. He has unleashed his Balefleets upon the galaxy to gather fragments of an arcane device known only as the Key.

He has even launched a daring attack on the Rock. Yes, that Rock. The last remnant of Caliban, an impregnable voidborn fortress-monastery, and the home of the Dark Angels.

Wrath of the Soul Forge King is a new battlebox for Warhammer 40,000, which tells the story of Vashtorr’s assault on the Rock in search of the powerful object that could complete his intricate plan.

This set is your first chance to get the fantastic new models for Vashtorr and Azrael, who is fresh – if sore – from crossing the Rubicon Primaris.

Vashtorr the Arkifane plans to tear the Imperium asunder. He has unleashed his Balefleets upon the galaxy to gather fragments of an arcane device known only as the Key.

He has even launched a daring attack on the Rock. Yes, that Rock. The last remnant of Caliban, an impregnable voidborn fortress-monastery, and the home of the Dark Angels.

Wrath of the Soul Forge King is a new battlebox for Warhammer 40,000, which tells the story of Vashtorr’s assault on the Rock in search of the powerful object that could complete his intricate plan.

This set is your first chance to get the fantastic new models for Vashtorr and Azrael, who is fresh – if sore – from crossing the Rubicon Primaris.


Vashtorr draws hordes of mortal worshippers with him to breach the fortress and its wards, alongside writhing Daemon Engines empowered by the Soul Forge that serves as the seat of his power. In the box you’ll get Vashtorr, 10 Cultists, two Obliterators, and a Venomcrawler.


Not one to let his Chapter’s secrets go lightly, Azrael has mustered the Dark Angels and rallied the defence. The set comes with Azrael himself as well as five Deathwing Terminators and 10 Space Marine Intercessors, plus two Dark Angels Primaris Upgrade sprues.


The narrative of this box ties into the third book in the Arks of Omen series, Arks of Omen: Vashtorr, which contains missions that will help you recreate this momentous battle.


Warhammer Underworlds

The Warhammer Underworlds battles beneath the Gnarlwood are set to intensify, as hot on the heels of Grinkrak’s Looncourt comes the next warband. Unleash the Har Kuron hurricane and leap, vault, and pirouette your way to glory with Gryselle’s Arenai.

These glorious gladiators enter the root-halls beneath the meat-eating forest with a simple mission – kill, kill, and kill again! As they hone their skills to an even deadlier degree, they praise their bloody god Khaine through acts of wanton carnage.

Gwlvo12 Gwlvo13 Gwlvo14

The warband are led by Gryselle the Slaughterer, a priest whose church is the gladiatorial arena and whose sermons are all practical demonstrations in spilling blood. Now, her faithful followers are heading to the Gnarlwood to slice their way through witch hunters, zombies, ogors, and anything else that gets in their way.


Each fighter in the warband has the same Acrobatic ability but don’t rely on it too much, as Gryselle’s faithful aren’t exactly flush with wounds – this is a warband which firmly believes that engineers shouldn’t build cannons out of metal when there’s perfectly good glass available. What they don’t share, however, are their Inspire conditions. Each aelf has a unique condition, representing a signature gladiator move to draw the attention of Khaine.

As befits such an aggressive warband, Gryselle’s Arenai has plenty of Objective cards in their Rivals deck that reward getting stuck in – keep charging, and Khaine himself will reward you with glory.


Scoring the warband’s Objective cards will involve getting the most out of your Flourish cards. These new Ploys represent the dazzling skills of Gryselle’s Arenai – but you’ll have to be careful about selecting when to use them as they come with a drawback alongside a powerful ability.


Want to use your Flourish again? Upgrade Gryselle with Mistress of the Bladestorm, and return them to your hand at the start of the round. Perfect for when a trick is so good that you just have to show it off again.


Gryselle and her gladiators will be leaving the arena to head to the Gnarlwood soon. In the meantime, we’ve still got loads more to show you from the Las Vegas Open, so dance over to the hub page to catch up with all the big reveals.

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

In these savage days, the forces of Order are facing threats like never before – but the ineffable minds of the Old Ones presaged the Era of the Beast, and long ago set intricate plans into motion that would reinforce their armies in time to fight back.

These ancient prophecies have finally come to fruition, and new spawnings of Seraphon are preparing to bring the Mortal Realms back in line with the Great Plan.

The Seraphon operate under the command of ancient amphibian arcanists known as Slann Starmasters – sorcerous servants of the Old Ones themselves. Such prodigious power needs a mighty miniature to match, and the new sculpt is a truly epic centrepiece to your league of lizards.


Seated on an exquisitely carved and levitating stone throne, the new mage-lord comes with a range of arcane artefacts, ancient accessories, and even two different skink attendants.

Gwlvo20 Gwlvo21

Riding ahead of this thaumaturgical toad are a totally new breed of Seraphon cavalry – the nimble and deadly Raptadons. The new kit has options to build the javelin-hurling Raptadon Hunters, and melee-focused Raptadon Chargers.

Gwlvo22 Gwlvo23 Gwlvo24 Gwlvo25

These lightning-fast and unnervingly intelligent reptiles are guided along the enemy’s flanks by cunning skink riders, who use their javelins to expose weak points for Raptadon Chargers to exploit – laying into the foe with relics taken from the vaults of the Old Ones.


Behind a wave of swift-clawed cavaliers stalk the Saurus Warriors. These cold-blooded cohorts remain the scaly backbone of every Seraphon army, and they’ve also benefited from some serious luxury time in the spawning pools.

Gwlvo27 Gwlvo28 Gwlvo29 Gwlvo30 Gwlvo31

Almost all Seraphon come in two varieties – the flesh-and-blood Coalesced, and phantasmal Starborne. These detail-packed miniatures look amazing when painted to represent either – that green Saurus Warrior also makes us feel very nostalgic…


This release will be supported by a new battletome – which means it’s time to update the Roadmap for 2023. You’ll be seeing Gloomspite Gitz and Beasts of Chaos very soon, while Seraphon are planned for late spring alongside [redacted], [redacted], and even [redacted].


That’s not all the Seraphon can look forward to in 2023 – this teaser is just the crest of an enormous wave of righteous reptiles poised to wash over the Mortal Realms.


Not every Warband that ventures into the Gnarlwood does so to scavenge for artefacts in the Ravening Ruin of Talaxis. Some simply make a pilgrimage there to test their combat skills, slaughter powerful new foes, and shed gallons of lovely blood.

Warcry: Blood Hunt pits two bloodthirsty new warbands against each other in a spectacular explosion of claret. Alongside new Ghurish terrain, this boxed set introduced two new warbands – the Askurgan Trueblades and the Claws of Karanak.


The Askurgan Trueblades are our first look at undead from the realm of Ghur. The Soulblight curse afflicts this order of warrior monks just like any other vampire, but in order to sate their thirst, they hunt the great beasts of the realms, gorging themselves on primal energies and attempt not to succumb to their bestial tendencies.

Gwlvo35 Gwlvo36 Gwlvo37 Gwlvo38

Opposing them are the Claws of Karanak, mortals who worship the daemonic Flesh Hounds of Khorne. These savage warriors have abandoned the last vestiges of civilisation, even loping into battle on all fours.

Gwlvo39 Gwlvo40 Gwlvo41 Gwlvo42

This boxed set brings a bevy of new terrain. Fortified gnarloaks and reinforced platforms broaden the landscape of possibilities in the Gnarlwood, and let fighters who clamber on them pepper their foes with makeshift missiles.


Bloodhunt contains a comprehensive Warband tome Predator and Prey. This details the lore and rules for both warbands, and brings fresh rules and scenarios to the fray. Head back to the Warhammer Preview Online Hub for all the other reveals.

Horus Heresy

Heavy tanks stalk the battlefields of the Horus Heresy, their armoured hides near-impervious to damage, their mighty guns sowing ruin. When faced with these threats, there’s only one thing the Legiones Astartes can rely on… another heavy tank with an even bigger gun.

The Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer has one job – blowing up other tanks. To that end, it is armed with a centreline-mounted neutron laser battery, a relic of the dark age of technology that dooms its crew to a horrid death thanks to the exotic radiation it pumps out – but not before it dooms dozens of enemy vehicles to a much more immediate death.


Despite the high cost of use, Legions made use of this anti-tank tank because it could punch through the strongest armour. Like other Spartan variants, it also has a range of sponson and pintle weapon options, including flamers to keep close-combat infantry at bay and lascannons for that extra burst of anti-armour.


Warhammer: Killteam

A prison ship transporting a notorious psychic criminal has crashed into the Gallowdark. Making their escape into the warren of corridors within, they have become the target of the highest echelons of Imperial law enforcement.

The Adeptus Arbites are back to dispense the Emperor’s justice. All that stands between them and their target is the knotted topography of the Gallowdark… and the Hand of the Archon, a savage band of Drukhari Kabalites.


The Adeptus Arbites Exaction Squad is an elite team of Imperial agents with one job – to secure their target and let no one stand in their way. Unlike small-fry planetary Enforcers, the Arbites are the last word in Imperial justice.

Gwlvo47 Gwlvo48 Gwlvo49 Gwlvo50 Gwlvo51 Gwlvo52

This incredibly versatile kit comes with multiple build options for each trooper – they can be built as an Exaction Squad of specialists for games of Kill Team, including types like Proctor-exactant, Chirguant, and the Cyber-Mastiff handling Leashmaster. You can also arm them all as shotgun-toting Vigilants or riot-shielded Subductor squads for use in games of Warhammer 40,000.

Arrayed against them are a cruel band of Kabalite Warriors. With a packed upgrade sprue, you can make a range of specialists, including an Archsybarite, Crimson Duellist, and even a Skysplinter Assassin.

Gwlvo53 Gwlvo54 Gwlvo55 Gwlvo56 Gwlvo57

The Gallowdark is also levelling up, and is expanded with 15 new pieces of terrain, including breachable walls (with push-out sections) and a hololith dais with an adorable 3D display board, so your Kill Teams can play Kill Team while you play Kill Team.


Of course, you can also add this terrain to another set and you’ll have enough to play a game of Boarding Actions in Warhammer 40,000.

Quelle: Warhammer Community


Brückenkopf-Redakteur und Miniature-Painting-Streamer. Wiedereinstieg ins Hobby 2015 nach sehr langer Pause. Spielt Warhammer 40k, SAGA, Star Wars Legion, Summoners uvm.

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  • Ich knabber jetzt den ganzen Tag an den desolaten Desolators, ich muss es loswerden, bitte Nachsicht:
    Das Einstiegs-Gruppenbild mit den Heavy Incestors: Die HI waren doch die neuen Devastators, nä? Darum hatten sie auch extradicke Rüstungen mit z.B. Heavy-Duty-Stiefeln und verstärktem Rückenmodul. Und jetzt kommen die Desos mit 3x so dicken Wummen und (schwachsinnigster) Munizuführung und sogar Targeter aufm Rücken, aber mit den normalen Straßenschuhen und 08/15-Rucksack. Wie egal ist GW das alles?
    Und die Targeter sind parallel zur Blickrichtung der Desos ausgerichtet, beim Sergeant aber nicht (ob jetzt auch die Helme Monopose zu platzieren sind?). Herrgott. Mein Tränenschublade ist randvoll.
    Der neue Dread schießt sich selbst in die (rechtshändigen) Finger – geschenkt. Nein, nicht geschenkt! Was sagt uns das denn? Beim Handankleben das Teil direkt vor die Mündung platziert – so wenig kann man doch nicht mitdenken, das ist doch Vera-äppelung, das ist ein Mittelfinger, der uns hier entgegengestreckt wird. Hnngmpf!

  • Also auf neue Tyras und True Scale Terminatoren die hier jemand erwähnt hat würde ich mich ganz mächtig freuen. . .

  • Bei den Seraphon werde ich zuschlagen müssen. Das geht einfach nicht anders. Ich hatte schon immer eine Schwäche für Warhammer Dinos und Sauruskrieger im besonderen so dass ich hier einfach nicht drum rumkomme. Da dies nur die Spitze des Eisberges ist hoffe ich noch auf einen ordentlichen Schwung für die Seraphon, ich fang derweil schon mal das sparen an denn das wird echt teuer für mich 🙂

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