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FW: Wochenvorschau mit Squats und Horus Heresy

In dieser Woche gibt es von Forge World einen Ausflug nach Necromunda, mit zwei Squat Charaktermodellen, während für die Horus Heresy der Traitor Champion Consul auf dem Schlachtfeldern der fernen Zukunft erscheint.

Sunday Preview – The Squats of Jardlan Seek Aid in the Underhive

Bar a few frights on Halloween this week we’re sailing smoothly into November with a pair of famous faces from the recent Ruins of Jardlan supplement for Necromunda.


Orrin Grimjarl, Last Charter Lord of Jardlan

Forge World Sunday Preview – The Squats Of Jardlan Seek Aid In The Underhive 1

As one of the last surviving Squats of Jardlan, Orrin Grimjarl should have taken an oath of vengeance to hunt the perpetrators until his dying breath – but this outcast engineer is far from a traditionalist. His goal is nothing less than the restoration of his fallen home, and with his frighteningly powerful fractal pulse beamer in hand, he’ll gladly accept the aid of any Imperial House-aligned gang. He comes in Forge World resin.

Urson Grimjarl, Jardlan Nomad Hunter 

Forge World Sunday Preview – The Squats Of Jardlan Seek Aid In The Underhive 2

Orrin’s older brother Urson, has been a far-ranging bounty hunter since long before Jardlan fell, and the demise of his home did little to lift the ornery squat’s mood. His hunting and tracking skills are without peer, and many an ash wastes nomad has fallen prey to the massive ‘longshot’ hunting rifle he lugs around. He comes in Forge World resin.

Warhammer The Horus Heresy

Traitor Champion Consul

Forge World Sunday Preview – The Squats Of Jardlan Seek Aid In The Underhive 3

Geared up to butcher Loyalist lapdogs in one-on-one combat, the Traitor Champion Consul is an expert duellist armoured with a paragon blade and volkite serpenta. This resin miniature is decked out in unique MKIII artificer armour and a flowing cape that sets him apart from the rest. He also comes with a choice of two heads – bare or helmed.

White Dwarf

White Dwarf – Issue 494

If you’ve picked up any of the recently released Space Marine kits like the Company Heroes or Sternguard Veterans, you may have noticed a certain lesser-known chapter on the transfer sheet – the Raptors. As experts in clandestine warfare, they revel in their obscurity, but in the next issue of White Dwarf, you’ll have rare access inside this secretive chapter’s records with the return of Index Astartes.

Forge World Sunday Preview – The Squats Of Jardlan Seek Aid In The Underhive 4

Elsewhere, the White Dwarf Bunker invites you to join the Monsters and Machines painting challenge, a water-themed battlepack continues the Warhammer Age of Sigmar campaign, and four warbands from Warhammer Underworlds: Nethermaze get Bladeborn rules for Warcry.

Quelle: Warhammer Community


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