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Footsore Miniatures: Neuheiten

Footsore Miniatures bringen Figuren von Harridans heraus.

Das Set aus allen drei Figuren kostet 21,95£, die einzelnen Figuren je 9,95£:

FootsoreHarridan1 FootsoreHarridan2 FootsoreHarridan3 FootsoreHarridan4

Deep in the heart of the forest of HarrowHyrst lies the dark and foreboding Grimpenmire swamp. The fetid waters hide horrors in their depths. Stinking mud bubbles and oozes around the roots of stunted and twisted trees, and darkness never lifts under the branches. The Harridans who lurk in the shadows drag away the sorry remains of careless travellers to make their stinking skirts of skin and sinew. They leave the skulls with Vengesour, placing them amongst his branches as a tribute and perhaps a warning…… Gentle wanderer, when the ground becomes soft and wet under your feet, and the stench of rot and death begins to colour the air, then turn and run. Run for your life! The Swamp Harridans rule here, their ancient forms looming from the mist that clings to the water’s surface as they hiss their old magicks from between sharp teeth. They gather their poisons and venoms from Grimpenmire’s shallows and call on the Haints and spirits of the old ways at the dark of the moon. There is no escape for the unwary who stumble into this foul and tainted place. The Harridans will wear their skin and the Haints will take their souls. The darkness will close around them forever.

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