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Firelock Games: Blood & Crowns Kickstarter läuft

Firelock Games (Blood & Plunder) haben einen neuen Kickstarter am laufen.

BloodCrowns KS01

Blood & Crowns is a 28mm miniatures skirmish game that immerses you in late medieval Western Europe and the chaotic period known as the Hundred Years’ War. It joins Blood & Valor and Blood & Steel as the next installment in a series of games based on Firelock Games’ flagship product, Blood & Plunder. Blood & Crowns allows players to recreate the countless skirmishes, raids, sallies, acts of piracy and all manner of small-scale engagements that hide in the shadows of history between battles such as Crecy, Poitiers, Najera, Agincourt and Castillion. It is not a game with hordes of faceless masses, but of individual warriors that puts players in the armor of the combatants at the level of fighting where personal combat was the most visceral. Where blood was spilled and crowns were won and lost!

BloodCrowns KS02

Players start by constructing a Company using a list from one the games’ core factions and based on an agreed upon number of points with which to add, bolster and upgrade units. The core rules include the key belligerents of the Hundred Years’ War and related conflicts.

  • England, Ireland & Wales
  • France
  • Scotland
  • The Spanish Kingdoms
  • Unaligned: Free Companies and Pirates

BloodCrowns KS03 BloodCrowns KS04 BloodCrowns KS05

Bei dem Kickstarter werden die Regeln sowie Spielmaterialien wie Karten und Marker angeboten. Sowohl digital als auch physisch.

BloodCrowns KS06 BloodCrowns KS07 BloodCrowns KS08

Stretch Goals gibt es natürlich auch:

BloodCrowns KS09 BloodCrowns KS10

Informationen zum Versand gibt es auch:

After the campaign ends, shipping fees will be calculated based on region and collected through BackerKit. The final shipping costs will be determined based on the information provided during the pledge manager process. Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for any duties or fees associated with the country in which you will be receiving any physical items.

We will be using BackerKit to manage pledges. You can visit https://www.backerkit.com/for-backers for more information about BackerKit.

Der Kickstarter ist bereits voll finanziert und endet am 29. September.

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