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Dark Age Design: Umfirmierung zu Apex Tabletop

Aus dem Sci-Fi-Hersteller Dark Age Design wird Apex Tabletop.

Apex Tabletop 1 Apex Tabletop 3

New branding and new photography, it’s all a part of the evolution of Dark Age Design into its final form – Apex Tabletop.

I’m really pleased with how the new brand and look are coming together and this is in no small part due to the creative input of my co-director (and Wife!) Sadie.

You might even see more of her in our content going forward – even if you don’t her creative energy certainly will be.

Apex Tabletop 2

This month on the Apex Tabletop Patreon we are offering 4 mini releases in support of the Apex Legion, adding some flavour and character.

  • First up we have this seated commander figure, which can be used as a regular scale mini, or scaled up for a terrain statuette.
  • Second we have a batch of special weapons coming to liven up your new Apex Legion Infantry.
  • Third, a mini diorama featuring the recovery of a wounded Apex Legionary (they are tough, but not impervious!)
  • Fourth, some new options for the Apex ABI.

Flavour flavour!!

Apex Tabletop 4

Hello! Just to confirm – Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated… I’ve just been slammed with the day job.

Here’s a #wip preview of the Apex Command Throne, which is release 1 of 4 mini releases for the #apexlegion this month. Can be printed 1:1 as a mini for use in dioramas or scaled up to make an appropriately commanding scenery piece.

Apex Tabletop 5

Hi everyone 🙂

I’m excited to announce our first Guest Modeller on Apex Tabletop – Chaor16 of Crimson Steel Mechworks.

At Apex Tabletop we want to be able to showcase the amazing breadth of alternative tabletop miniatures that are available from Independent Model Makers.

Max / Chaor16 / Egg (pick whichever name you like) – is currently running a brilliant successful Kickstarter for a huge range of modular Mecha. Go check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/calamitys-ashes-3d…

Only 63 hours left to go on this brilliant campaign, with a tonne of stretch goals already unlocked.

In celebration Max has gifted Apex Tabletop with a FREE unique Nyx Hardsuit Veteran model, you can grab the download from the public post on our Patreon page (link in Bio or www.patreon.com/apextabletop)

I look forward to bringing more exclusive models from new creators in the coming months!

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Quelle: Apex Tabletop bei Patreon
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