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Crooked Dice: Neuheiten

Crooked Dice haben einige Neuheiten im Shop.

Robin Hood Villains WEB

Robin Hood Villains -15,00 GBP

Thwarting the wolfshead and his Sherwood outlaws are this Sorcerer, Odious Priest and Pagan Shaman.


Herne of the Woods – 5,00 GBP

At one with mother nature, Herne is gifted with deep, spiritual connections to the land. Acting as philosopher, healer and mentor Herne communes with otherworldly powers to guide the brave heroes of Sherwood.

Moonbase Crew 2

ARC Moonbase Crew 2 – 15,00 GBP

The Albion Rocket Consortium (ARC) rely on adventurous and daring men and women to staff their moonbase. Now you can add to the ranks of your own ARC forces with these four models, equipped with communicator/scanners, pistols and rifles.

Abomination 2 FEATURE 1

Abomination 2 – 10,00 GBP

Spawned from some unholy union, this diabolical being may be from the pits of hell or a bio-engineered beast. It may be a misunderstood monster aiding the lost and desperate, or perhaps it is Old Nick himself wandering the wastelands in search of souls…

Beastmen Allies WEB 2

Beastmen Allies – 10,00 GBP

Whether they are the result of savagery, super-science or sorcery, these anthropomorphic creatures are the next step in the evolutionary chain.

Quelle: Crooked Dice Game Design Studio


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