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Comet Lord Miniatures: Januar Patreon

Diesen Monat gibt es zum ersten Mal bei Comet Lord Miniatures auch ein Diorama im normalen Release.

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January 2023 Preview

Here is a summary of the previews for January 2023.


CLM Januar Patreon 1

Xeredian Juggernaut

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War rages in the realms beyond across the Astral Sea. Threats from the past, present and future make their stand or begin their conquest for absolute domination. From here a rare threat that scholars have read about and very few have seen, The Xeredians.

The Hivemind of Xer’Edar commands a colony of terrible entities that seek nothing more than to rule the realms of existence. The desire for power is only rivalled by the infernal fiends of The Nine Hells. The Xeredian Colony has access to powers and resources from truly alien places of existence – making them a terrible threat to all life.

Some species outside the material plane have adapted in such ways that have made them particularly resistance towards the psionic forces of Xer’Edar. To combat such resistant foes, the colony created the ‚Xeredian Juggernaut‘.

The Juggernaut was born through countless horrifying experiments and rigorous testing. Eventually, Xer’Edar found an adequate host that could handle the fusion of multiple Xeredians and produce a herculean Xeredian warrior.

Once born, the Juggernaut is encased in it’s psionically-enhanced armour and it is granted its sweeping double-axe. The Juggernaut ultimately excels in strength, but it is also quite quick despite it’s size. It is able to charge at great speeds and sweep with it’s weapon with unrelenting whirling strikes. Making it effective at breaking structures and striking nimble Elves or Cimmeri.

The Juggernaut still possesses psionics like any other Xeredian. However, the range of these powers are usually limited or are focused on maintaining it’s armour.

Miniature Information

  • The Xeredian Juggernaut sits on a Large (50.8mm) base.
  • It comes in 3 poses.
  • It also includes a Spiritual Weapon and a bust.

CLM Januar Patreon 7

Thorgrim, Astral Dwarf Artillerist

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Most Dwarves in Edyn and surrounding planes of existence are known for many things. Most prominently their signature crafting styles, their hardiness and vast complex kingdoms carved from rock and stone.

The Sideros Dwarves would consider themselves distant cousins of their Edyn-dwelling kin. Dwelling in the vast expanses of the Astral Sea has had it’s affect on them, but their roots in mining still hold strong.
Instead of vast kingdoms built within the earth, The Sideros Dwarves have made their homes – literally. They now exist on colossal astral vessels crafted from strange ore found in the expanses of Astral Space.

These colossal vessels sail in search of resources throughout Astral Space. In most cases, the vessel with engulf a stray asteroid or derelict vessel that they can mine or salvage. If the Dwarves find something that their ship cannot bring into it, they will anchor their vessel to their find. Thus, they can begin harvesting their find for however long it takes. History tells of finds that have taken centuries to completely exhaust.

The Sideros Dwarves have taken advantage of the Aether Cores like most have. However, they use them to power complex vehicles and ‚tools‘. These ‚tools‘ can also function as powerful weapons, including the ‚Mining Laser‘. A devastating two-handed aether core powered device used to cut through rock and stone with ease.

Miniature Information

Thorgrim sits on a Medium (25.4mm / 1 Inch) base.

It comes in 3 poses.

It also includes a bust and spiritual weapon.

CLM Januar Patreon 13

Theia, Astral Elf Bladesinger

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The Anteokheia watch over the material plane as if Gods themselves. They willingly choose to not actively interfere as it was not the place of their Gods. If the people of Edyn would destroy the material plane, they must wipe the slate clean so the world can live on.

Not all share this view.

Theia of House Chimeris, one of The Greater Houses of Antioch and named after one of the Old Gods they once followed. The words of their House read as „All can live in harmony.“

Theia has left her home in Antioch and adventures across Edyn. She seeks to understand the world her people protect and the people that inhabit it. If she can understand and prevent what leads the world to ruin, can she save the people destined for destruction? This has lead her to Edyn and researching the mysterious Aether Cores.

Throughout her travels, her strange style of clothes and mask are usual giveaways that she has travelled from a far away place. A select few would actually gather that she is from an entirely different plane of existence.

The pant legs of her body suit are adorned with little wrappings and trinkets she has gathered. Her clothes are filled with strange colours and patterns. What sticks out most is the mask she never takes off, as per Anteokheian culture.

What animal does the mask depict? Why must it depict one? Like Praetor Corvinus‘ mask depicts what most would assume is raven, it is actually the visage of The Old God his family once followed. Theia is much the same, but the Mask of Chimeris never depicts a singular beast – Just the visage of the Old God they once followed. Scholars of Antioch believe the visage of Chimeris to be a blend of beasts.

In combat, Theia wields arcane magic while invoking ancient blade dancing techniques of The Anteokheia. These techniques can utilize a plethora of weapons, but one of the most traditional was The Ring Blade. A large circular blade that could spun around the user and launched at targets using psionic energies. 

Miniature Information

Theia sits on a Medium (25.4mm / 1 Inch) base.

She comes in 5 poses, each with an unmasked version

She also comes with a Spiritual Weapon and 2 busts.

CLM Januar Patreon 27

Astral Battle Diorama

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Size: Scenic – Approximately Gargantuan (4 inch/101.6mm)

Here is something new! First time trying to make a 3D Printable diorama.

Together, heroes of The Anteokheia, The Cimmeri and The Sideros Dwarves join forces to defeat the enemy of all – The Xeredians.

Miniature Information

This diorama sits on a nearly 4 inch / 101.4mm scenic base.

This includes 4 characters poses for this scene

  • The Xeredian Juggernaut
  • Theia – The Astral Elf Bladesinger
  • Thorgrim, The Astral Dwarf Artillerist
  • Thraven, The Cimmeri Psi-Warrior

CLM Januar Patreon 33

Xer’Edar, The Hivemind

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Xer’Edar, The Hivemind that has brought terror and domination throughout the planes of existence. Scholars of Edyn believe it’s home is a colossal floating fortress hidden within The Astral Sea. Those that dwell in Astral Space would tell them that their theories are not far off.

Their fortress is both a structure and a living creature that dwells in the deep outer reaches of Astral Space, in the Far Realms.

Out in The Far Realms is the origin of nightmarish aberrations including The Xeredian Colony. From here they prepare their conquest to convert or enslave all sentient life. For now they simply plane shift lone Xeredian agents to prepare for inevitable war.

Miniature Information

  • Xer’Edar sits on a large (50.8mm / 2 inch) base.
  • It comes with 4 tentacles and pipe bases.
  • It also has an alternate body.

Poses: 1


CLM Januar Patreon 44

Xeredian Giant

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Xer’edar was warned that transforming the giants was a forbidden act… but the desire for more power and it’s curiosity was too great. This error  would cost the elder brain a large part of his colony.

The massive giant was deformed by the process, it no longer needed to use it’s legs as it could psionically carry itself. The tadpole that implanted into it’s brain kept growing until the back of the giant’s skull burst open. Still it continued to grow until it completely replaced the spine.

This was an abomination to the Xeredians, but it’s psionic capabilities were beyond what they ever expected. The Xeredians feared it and the Hivemind knew that it would be it’s ruin.

Before the levitating abomination could reach Xer’Edar,  it was cast out into Astral Space. Along with it, the Xeredians that were disconnected from Xer’Edar’s influence were also cast out. For a moment The Hivemind had felt fear, but it would not stop in it’s search to create a Xeredian using a giant host. However, next time it would show more caution.

Miniature Information

The Xeredian Giant stands on a Huge (76.2mm / 3 Inch) base.

Poses: 1

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