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Chibi-Forge: Mai Patreon

Bei Chibi-Forge gibt es diesen Monat unter anderem Echsenmenschen.

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Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of another month of Chibi-Forge, and delighted to see our community expanding each day with more Chibi enthusiasts joining our ranks. Your feedback and valuable suggestions about the Chibi game and Chibi-Forge continue to inspire us to make more improvements.

In the meantime…We invite you to try out the adorable Chibi Game and come back with your impressions, opinions, and ideas. Keep in mind that this is an early version and our goal is to evolve the game in the direction that will allow you to enjoy it the most. Every great adventure starts with a first step!

May Release set contains all the following Chibi miniatures:

  • Female Mermaid Druid (Chibi Hero)
  • Male Human Wizard (Chibi Hero)
  • Female Human Barbarian (Chibi Hero)
  • Night Dragon (Pet)
  • Tribe Shaman (Boss Monster)
  • Lizardman with Blowpiper (Ranged Minion Monster)
  • Lizardman with Spear and Shield (Melee Minion Monster)
  • Set of new Board Tiles, Heroes, Monsters and Treasures cards
  • 2 New comics issues that will be released during the ongoing month

Additionally, you get:

  • The „Welcome Package“ (13 miniatures, Huge Castle Terrain with accessories):
  • Male Half-Orc Barbarian (Chibi Hero)
  • Male Dwarf Fighter (Chibi Hero)
  • Male Halfling Ranger (Chibi Hero)
  • Female Elf Wizard (Chibi Hero)
  • Female Tiefling Bard (Chibi Hero)
  • Dark Lord (Boss Monster)
  • Dark Knight with Halberd (Melee Minion Monster)
  • Dark Knight with Crossbow (Ranged Minion Monster)
  • Dire Rat (Neutral Monster)
  • Dire Wolf (Neutral Monster)
  • Male Villager (NPC)
  • Female Villager (NPC)
  • Sheep (NPC)
  • Catapult
  • Dark Knights Castle & accessories (Huge Terrain)
  • The Chibi-Quest rules and everything else you will need to set up on your first quest (Heroes, Monsters, Treasures Cards, Board Tiles, Tokens, Dice)
  • Access to our community group.

Happy Printing! TF Team

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