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Blotz: Neuheiten

Blotz stellen auf Facebook einige neue MDF-Bausätze vor.

Blotz Fence 01 Blotz Fence 02 Blotz Fence 03

We’ve been rummaging through our files and have come across a number of kits that – for whatever reason – never made the final leap to join the Blotz catalogue – so we’ve started working through them to do any necessary tweaks and adjustments to make sure they see the light of day.
The first of these kits are a trio that have joined our 28mm Walls and Fences section:
28mm Crowd Control Barriers (£6 for 9 barriers)
28mm Wattle Fences (£4 for 3 sections)
28mm Snake Rail Fences (£6 for approximatly 24″ of fence)
All these kits (and many more) can be found on the Blotz website in our 28mm Walls and Fences section:

Blotz Western 01 Blotz Western 02 Blotz Western 03 Blotz Western 04 Blotz Western 05

Three more kits from our unfinished-files – all the way back from 2018 – have been completed and added to the catalogue this morning – two belonging to our 28mm Old West range, while Stairs #2 has been added to the 28mm Steps and Stairs category.
We now have Store #9 and the updated version of the „Sheriff and Notary“, bringing it into line with our other Old West style.
Sheriff and Notary (Updated) is £47
Store #9 is £21
Stairs #2 is £4.50
Both of these old west-style buildings feature frontages and roofs that can be swapped around with our other buildings of the same width – and the individual sections of them are also available in our 28mm Old West Components section.
Both are available in our 28mm Old West section:

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