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Black Scorpion: Dungeon Dwellers Kickstarter

Black Scorpion werden am Donnerstag einen Kickstarter für ihre Dungeon Dwellers Figuren starten.


I’m pleased that the Dungeon Dwellers Kickstarter will finally be launching! This Thursday at 7pm UK time. The campaign will last ten days.(…)

There are six main models, plus a bonus model for the all in pledge, a bonus stretch goal for the all in if the project passes £10K and add ons including the Ogre gatekeeper and Goblin Knight mounted. Additionally as an add on you can add the last Kickstarter pledge which will also include the ‘Your adventure ends here’ free model!

As always postage is set during the campaign, so no surprises. We don’t use any third party post campaign pledge managers.

Pledges are EU friendly meaning you won’t pay any import or customs tax/handling charges etc!

DungeonDwellers4 DungeonDwellers6 DungeonDwellers2 DungeonDwellers5 DungeonDwellers8 DungeonDwellers7 DungeonDwellers10 DungeonDwellers3 DungeonDwellers9

Quelle: Black Scorpoin Miniatures


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