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Bestiarum Miniatures: Juni Patreon

Im Juni haben Bestiarum Miniatures wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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June Reveal – The Goblin Grotto

Hey Everyone,

The Goblin Grotto is LIVE! – Check your emails for the MyMiniFactory Invite
Supported Head Cabbage Prop and Forbidden Psalm are on their way.

Pack some fungicide and sharpen your blades – we’re entering the Goblin Grotto. This June, our subscribers will receive a skittering host of troglodytic goblins and the mold-ridden creatures with whom they share their home.

Visit our website – https://www.bestiarumgames.com/goblins to read more about these gribbly denizens of the dark!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

Goblin King – 50mm Base
Bugbear Enforcer – 50mm Base
Goblin Raid Leader – 25mm Base
Goblin Blood Seer – 25mm Base
Goblin Marauders x 2 – 25mm Base
Goblin Strikers x 3 – 25mm Base
Goblin Grunts x 3 – 25mm Base
Goblin Shadow Stalker – 25mm Base
Siege Troll – 100mm Base
Feral Cave Troll – 50mm Base
Goblin Spore Sower – 40mm Base
Fungal Hermit – 25mm Base

The Penitent Hero – Stradogast the Geomancer

With the Path of Penitence just around the corner, our Lone Heroes will be joining the ranks of the Penitent. Kicking off with Stradogast, a mighty Geomancer, whose earthly magics are slowly turning his ravaged body to stone.

June’s terrain set includes a host of super useful scatter elements that will allow you to create an awesome board depicting the deep warrens that run below Doaden.

Giant Mushrooms x 3
Rock Platforms x 3
Stalagmites x 5
Wooden Bridges x 2
Mushroom Stash

RPG Adventure
This June, you’ll be entering the dank and dark domain of the Goblins and facing the terrible violence of the Goblin King himself.

This June’s RPG Adventure includes:

Grim Harvest – A 5E Compatible Adventure and Forbidden Psalm Scenario Pack

– 3 Encounters

– 2 Maps

– Bossfight Encounter with the vicious Goblin King and his Bugbear Enforcer

– 3 Unique Items for 5E!

– 12 Monster Statcards for the inhabitants of the Goblin Grotto

With the Path of Penitence launching in June, you can expect to see updated Burial Isle, Rise of the Jailor Adventures, AND our Quick Start Guide, offering Players and GMs a helpful primer for taking their first steps on the Path of Penitence.

Quelle: Bestiarum Miniatures auf Patreon


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