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Bestiarum Miniatures: April Patreon

Im April haben Bestiarum Miniatures wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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April’s release will be landing very soon! Expected ETA is early next week.

Hot off the heels of Monday’s teaser, we’re very pleased to share the FULL REVEAL of the miniatures you’ve got coming this April!

The Penitent Crusade marshals for war. High Lord Azriel has marched his forces North and has laid siege to the great city of Stürmenburg – the two great powers stand on a knife’s edge and any wrong step risks the outbreak of an internecine conflict neither power can afford.

Miniatures – Penitent Crusade Part 3

  • High Lord Azriel on Sphinx – 90 x 120mm Base
  • High Lord Azriel on Foot – 50mm Base
  • Repentor Primus Solo – 40mm Base
  • Scarlet Centurion – 40mm Base
  • Knight Redeemer – 25mm Base
  • Flameblade Knight – 25mm Base
  • Quickblades x 2 – 25mm Base
  • Bastions x 6 – 55 x 25mm Base
  • Repentor Cavalry x 4 – 60 x 35mm Base
  • Husks w. Crossbow x 3 – 25mm Base
  • Husks w. Spears x 3 – 25mm Base
  • Armoured Wagon

We’re particularly excited about the Armoured Transport Wagon this month, this beast of a vehicle features a host of customizable parts and interchangeable hardpoints alongside the core chassis. We can’t wait to see how you all decide to build yours.

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