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Batman Miniature Game: Neuheiten

Knight Models haben einige Neuheiten in ihren Shop aufgenommen.

The Penguin & The Riddler (Classic TV Show) für 25,00

KnightModelsBatmanRiddlerPenguin (1) KnightModelsBatmanRiddlerPenguin (2) KnightModelsBatmanRiddlerPenguin (3)

The Penguin and Riddler are within the criminal organization The United Underworld where it is said that the Penguin acts as a leader and the Riddler provides the knowledge necessary to carry out their plans. From this organization they try to stop the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin.

Batman: High Seas für 25,00


Batman as a pirate of the High Seas. This is a version adapted to pirate fables in a story that takes place in the Golden Age of Piracy.

Unveiling the Truth für 43,95

KnightModelsBatmanUnveilingTheTruth (1) KnightModelsBatmanUnveilingTheTruth (2) KnightModelsBatmanUnveilingTheTruth (3) KnightModelsBatmanUnveilingTheTruth (4)

Clownhunter, Spoiler and Huntress are Gotham City vigilantes. They have different styles but a very clear objective, to deliver justice and destroy their enemies.

Scarecrow Little Nightmares für 30,00

KnightModelsBatmanScarcrowNightmares (1) KnightModelsBatmanScarcrowNightmares (2) KnightModelsBatmanScarcrowNightmares (3)

The nightmares are back! Scarecrow’s nightmares will help him create absolute terror in the minds of all those who cross their dark path.

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