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Batman Miniature Game: Kid Flash

Knight Models zeigen einen Einblick in die Figur Kid Flash.

The Speedforce is back at BMG and now it’s faster than ever.

Kid Flash is the first of the new Speedsters we’ll be seeing in the coming months, and his usefulness within the Teen Titans is a far cry from the old versions we saw years ago.


Wallance Rudolph „Wally“ West is the second Flash, aka Kid Flash, who first appeared in Flash #110 in 1959.

He is the nephew of Barry Allen’s girlfriend but they had no relationship until the incident that gave him the Flash’s powers.

Wally was a huge Flash fan and was very excited about visiting Central City to meet his hero. It was at the moment when Flash was explaining to Wally how he obtained his powers when the origin that gave rise to the incident was repeated, affecting Wally this time. After this incident, Flash decided to accept him as a pupil, turning the boy into Kid Flash.

With this identity Barry helped the Flash on many occasions, but he has also had solo adventures. He came to join the Teen Titans becoming an indispensable member of the group.

Kid Flash1



Now Kid Flash is a Henchman with 50 reputation points, we can tell you that with all the things he can do, those 50 points are going to seem like a gift.

He has a Willpower and Endurance of 5, it doesn’t look like much, but they can’t knock him down if they can’t reach him, plus he also has a 5 in defense, so if he gets caught, it won’t be easy for them to hit him.

Its base movement is 10”, but that’s only if it doesn’t use any of its traits and abilities that can make it move like no other BMG model. An attack of 3, which can also be improved with skills, and strength of 3+.


To understand the power that Kid Flash has, we must first explain how the Speedsters and the Speedforce work.

You can only recruit 1 model with the Speedster trait in your crew. With more space-time paradoxes could have devastating effects on reality.

Speedster: If you recruit a model with the Speedster trait, you must also play with the Speedforce Deck, (A separate deck with debuffs that we will receive if we go overboard using the Speedforce powers).

A Speedster model can use Speed Powers; to use them, it must draw Speed Force cards without seeing their contents and allocate them to its face-down Speed Force Discard Pile.

Each Speed Power is assigned a cost in Speedforce Deck cards that must be discarded, so the more powerful the effects of the Speed Powers, the more cards you will have to discard and the sooner the negative effects of playing with the Speedforce will appear.

Each time your Speedforce Deck becomes empty, the opponent draws the first 2 cards of your Speedforce Discard pile, and choose 1 and apply its effects to your model with Speedster. The effects are varied (lose 2 movement, lose 1 defense, reduce your effort limit etc.). Then shuffle again all your other Speedforce cards together and form the Speedforce Deck again.

Kid Flash2


In addition to the Speed Powers, Kid Flash has at its disposal a few normal traits, like any other model.

Always on the Move. Hit and run, Kid Flash must be like a bolt of lightning.

Dodge. With his speed he is able to dodge any ranged weapon.

Fast 4. It is not easy to attack him, neither at range nor in melee.


Now for the good part, the skills you can activate using Speedforce.

Molecular Control (1 Speedforce Card) Until the end of the round, this model may ignore all the scenery elements while moving, but cannot end inside them. Flash can be so fast that it becomes intangible.

Speed Force Master (1 Speedforce Card) Once per roll, this model can draw up to 1 Speedforce card to add 1 Attack dice to a melee attack or 1 dice to its Defense rolls. Fast attack, fast defense.

Super Speed 2 (1 or 2 Speedforce Cards) This model may draw up to 2 Speedforce cards to Move 4” for each card taken. If we add up all the movements of Kid Flash (10” of his normal movement + 4” of Fast + Up to 8” of Super Speed) we can move up to 22” in any turn, more than enough to take advantage of his “Always on the Move”.

Kid Flash3

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