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Raging Heroes: November Patreon

Raging Heroes haben im November wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

The Characters’ Stories

Want more background info on the characters? We got you covered!

Queen Nyssa The Viperthorn

Nyssa The Viperthorn inherited her kingdom through a lineage of cunning queens. She rules her domain with a cold, calculating demeanor, utilizing her mastery of dark sorcery to bend reality to her will and keep her subjects in a constant state of fear.

King Vossar the Eternal

Vossar the Eternal is a cunning and ageless king who has maintained his rule for centuries. He possesses a dark secret: a powerful artifact known as the „Soulcage,“ which grants him immortality but at a terrible cost to those around him.

Gladiatrix Vaeloria Bloodlash

Vaeloria Bloodlash is the deadliest of all Void Elves gladiators.

She wields her whip and spear with inhumane speed and precision. Her fighting style is a deadly dance of grace and brutality.

Vexandra the Flesh Stitcher, Body Engineer

Vexandra is a demented master of body engineering, infamous for creating monstrous creatures by assembling body parts from her drug-enhanced slaves. Her obsession with pushing the boundaries of life and death knows no bounds, and she seeks to transcend mortality itself.

Vhorak the Wretched, grand master of the body engineers

Vhorak the Wretched is an ancient and monstrous mentor, feared even by fellow body engineers. He imparts his knowledge through cruel and gruesome lessons, leading his apprentices down a path of madness and depravity.

Sylara, Champion of the Blood Vestals

Sylara is the formidable champion of the all-female Blood Vestals order. Her unwavering domination over her sisters and her vicious combat skills have earned her a fearsome reputation, making her a symbol of absolute ruthlessness.

Serpenthia Shadowcoil, Naga Champion

Serpenthia Shadowcoil is a unique Naga champion with the body of a serpent and the torso of a Void Elf. Her mysterious origins and deadly combat skills make her a formidable force, yet, as the other of her kind, she is seen as a impure pariah by the true Void Elves

Drayek, Executrix Champion

Drayek is a cunning and tactical champion who leads the Executrix with ruthless efficiency. With his unmatched combat skills and icy demeanor, he is a master of hard hitting operation, always one step ahead of his foes.

Xyra, the Medusa

Xyra is a captive psychic Medusa whose powers are harnessed through a neural helmet, allowing her captors to control and amplify her psychic abilities for their dark purposes. Her story is one of torment and defiance as she seeks freedom.

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